Friday’s Funnies – Valentine’s Day Edition

When I was with my ex, Valentine’s Day was like any other. He didn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Before I knew better than to waste my time, money, and energy, I prepared a nice candlelit dinner for the two of us. I thought it would be a nice gesture since I was broke. He ruined it by complaining about how he didn’t like to eat in the dark. No more candlelit dinners for him!

My best Valentine’s Day memories are with my kids! I always gave them a little something – candy, a special book, a card, or other little thing I might think of. Some years, I stretched Valentine’s Day out for 4 or 5 days by giving them each a zip lock bag each night with some candy and a little note, telling them something I loved about them. They made things in school for me, as well.

To me, Valentine’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation for someone or something. We should really be doing that every day of the year though, shouldn’t we? Here are some funnies to make you laugh on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re involved in a relationship or single (by choice, like me) or even if “it’s complicated,” I’m sure your funny bone will get a kick out of at least some of these! Enjoy!













































I think the last one made me laugh the most! Oh, and the “Kiss My Nose” cartoon! Haha! Well, I hope you liked this week’s funnies! Which were your favorites?

I hope your Valentine’s Day is well spent; whether with your significant other, with your kids, or friends. Remember, LOVE YOURSELF, too! Any time spent on yourself is time well spent!!

Have a great weekend!

Aunt Debbie

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – Valentine’s Day Edition

  1. The Will Ferrell one definitely, lol. Because I finally made my way to Total Wine to spend the gift card my oldest gave for Christmas. Dang, $75 can buy a hell of a lot of wine! 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷
    Happy Galentines Day my friend!

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      1. Ha,ha! No my son spent $75 on wine, he got me a gift car fo Christmas, so I thought, why not? I could spend all day at Total Wine, geez I sound like an alcoholic, lol. I don’t drink as often think I do, but this past week was just, ugh. What kind of wine does dad like? I’ll sent him a bottle or two for his birthday, let m know.

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