“Your love of cats explains your taste in music.”

“Cats are stupid and so are people who like them.”

“Cat people are ridiculous.”

“Don’t you have any other interests besides cats?”

“Why do you have cats?”

“You must be a liberal if you’re a cat person.”


Seriously? What the hell does having cats have to do with my taste in music or that I have liberal views? Those are just a few of the remarks people have made about my love of cats.

Everyone has their own set of likes and dislikes, hobbies, and interests. I have a great love for animals, but cats are my favorite. I also like ferrets, rats, Guinea pigs, birds, and squirrels. My hobbies are crocheting and jewelry making. I love bird watching and photography. I used to make soaps and other bath & body products. I used to create web pages. I used to be a cross-country backpacker. I have some medical training. I love all things Celtic and I am drawn to castles. I love to research and learn anything that tickles my fancy.

You see, I have many interests other than cats.


My cats are my furry children. They are part of my family. If you prefer dogs over cats, you most likely feel the same about your dogs. They are your family.

Why must people make mean and rude remarks about someone else’s likes and dislikes? Are they so small-minded they don’t understand that their love for anime might seem stupid to someone else? Their love of video games might seem exceptionally ridiculous to others. If they’re into comic books and superheroes, they might seem childish to others. Everyone is different. It would be nice if others would shut their pie holes regarding what someone else likes or what someone else does in their own home or on their own free time. They can think whatever they want, but being rude to someone is unacceptable.

Am I a “crazy cat lady”? Maybe, but loving cats is no different than loving dogs. I found some “cat people” memes you might enjoy. There may be a sliver of truth in some of them!

All funny but really what it all comes down to is this:





20 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Well put Deb, I totally agree. We live in a constant state of judgement and thanks to social media, people give their opinions freely, without being asked. To each his own, and no cat loving person needs to justify to anyone why we love our little fur babies, TO ANYONE! In fact I think those that tend to judge people on the basis of their pets have bigger issues in their lives to worry about. Like why they’re complete and total douchebags! Ok my rant is over, lol.

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  2. Haha, great ones there! As I am typing this, I am sitting back in my recliner with a kitten on my chest. Beside me is a Great Dane. I am bipartisan when it comes to the dog and cat world. And anyone who wants to demean the love I have for my animals won’t do it more than once. Read into that what you will! haha!

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  3. Hey I love cats! That makes me like you a “weird person with weird tastes”
    Don’t pay attention to those idiots. Everyone loves something and we love cats 😻

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