Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Time for this week’s funnies! This time around, I have a few of my own funny tidbits to share. I can’t believe the funny things that happen in my house sometimes! If you have something funny you’d like to share please send them my way using the contact link at the upper right of the page. I will post them on Fridays!


On Wednesday, Dad and I took the car for an oil change and decided we’d stop and have Mexican food afterward. The food was great, as always. Dad had a glass of Merlot while I had a glass of iced tea. After we finished our food, we still had our drinks to finish. Dad was still working on his wine when I told him I was going to go the “little girl’s room.” I went to get up and he thought I was going to spill my tea….and he jerked his hand to reach for my tea but knocked his glass of wine over! WINE went all over! All over the table, all over the floor….and ALL OVER ME! I had to rush to the bathroom so I could blot as much out of my clothes as possible. The gal that works there, laughed with us as we left the place. We still had to go to Walmart and I swear I could smell wine the whole time! People probably thought I was a wino!


On Sunday, Dad told me there was a book called “The History of Farting” in this catalog we get occasionally. I’ve been known to buy a few books as gifts now and again and I thought it might be funny to get the book but I couldn’t find it. Dad couldn’t find it again either! He searched high and low, cover to cover. I had forgotten about it until this morning. So, I asked him if he ever found it and he said he did. He said he wrote the page number on the front of the catalog: pg 97.

I opened the catalog and started looking for page 97. To my surprise, the catalog only goes up to page 83!! I laughed my ass off! When I told Dad, he looked shocked and had to look for the book all over again! It was actually on page 57.



Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie



And now for an adorably cute and hilarious video! I laughed until there were tears in my eyes. I love laughing babies!



A laughing rooster. Laughing baby is much better, but this is pretty awesome!


The answer to the age-old question….
























                                                 Yep, that’s me. Squirrel in traffic!



8 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

  1. To smell wine all the time 😄😄😄 !!
    I loooooved most the one of the cop in the desert and the winter who keeps coming back that’s awesome !

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