Wacky Wednesday

You’re up at night all alone. You hear a noise. What do you do?

Last night, that was the scenario. I heard a noise and thinking one or more of my three cats were up to no good, I got up to investigate. They were all asleep. So what was that noise? I checked the bathtub because sometimes the suction cups holding trays and brushes come loose and hit the bottom of the tub with a loud bang. That wasn’t the case this time. Well, what the hell was that noise?

I heard it again! It was coming from the kitchen. I thought maybe the critters under the house were “moving furniture” again. Standing in the kitchen, I hear the noise again. It was coming from under the sink! Do I dare open the cabinet?

I opened the cabinet! What do you think I saw? A baby opossum crawling carefully back down the hole from whence he came! I wanted to grab him before he got away because I’d love to raise a baby opossum and keep him as a pet. They do make wonderful loving pets BUT I let him disappear back under the house.

That is my Wacky Wednesday story!

Not My Photo: Found on Facebook, Owner Unknown


Wacky Wednesday

I’m starting something new called Wacky Wednesday and I can’t promise it will be a) funny or b) consistent but I’m going to give it a shot! I was playing with Granddaughter’s toys last week and took some silly pictures. I posted them on last week’s Friday’s Funnies. THAT was what gave me the idea! This week, more silly fun with toys!

The Fight of the Century!

Who will win this fight_


In this corner_


And in this corner_


And PlasticMan is down!


PlasticMan tries to get back up but SpongeBob takes him down again!


One more quick chop to seal the deal!


You really didn't think SpongeBob would lose, did you_

Dedicated to my sister, Carol because she loves SpongeBob and I love her!