Wacky Wednesday

You’re up at night all alone. You hear a noise. What do you do?

Last night, that was the scenario. I heard a noise and thinking one or more of my three cats were up to no good, I got up to investigate. They were all asleep. So what was that noise? I checked the bathtub because sometimes the suction cups holding trays and brushes come loose and hit the bottom of the tub with a loud bang. That wasn’t the case this time. Well, what the hell was that noise?

I heard it again! It was coming from the kitchen. I thought maybe the critters under the house were “moving furniture” again. Standing in the kitchen, I hear the noise again. It was coming from under the sink! Do I dare open the cabinet?

I opened the cabinet! What do you think I saw? A baby opossum crawling carefully back down the hole from whence he came! I wanted to grab him before he got away because I’d love to raise a baby opossum and keep him as a pet. They do make wonderful loving pets BUT I let him disappear back under the house.

That is my Wacky Wednesday story!

Not My Photo: Found on Facebook, Owner Unknown


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