The Noise Under The House

I was binge-watching “Detectorists” the other night, minding my own business. I heard the critters under the house, moving furniture again. That’s what we call it, anyway. It sounds like I have downstairs neighbors moving furniture around at the most ungodly morning hours. It drives me bonkers!

So, the critters were at it again. Only this time, it was extremely loud and then grew even LOUDER! They kept on for at least 20 minutes. They were so loud that my cats were freaked out and ran out of the room. I was banging on the floor as loudly as I could, hoping to spook the critters away, or at least shut them up. That didn’t seem to bother them.

The noise was coming from one specific area of the room. I stood on the floor at that spot and stomped my feet repeatedly, hoping to scare them off. They weren’t threatened at all. What really freaked me out was not the noise they were making. It was the fact that as I stood there, I could FEEL the movement and it was so intense that I swear, if I put a glass of water on the floor it would have made waves in the glass!

That’s the worst the critter activity has been and I still wonder WHAT critter(s) are living under our house? Are they raccoons, opossum, skunks, or something else? And what the literal hell are they doing under there?

Wacky Wednesday

You’re up at night all alone. You hear a noise. What do you do?

Last night, that was the scenario. I heard a noise and thinking one or more of my three cats were up to no good, I got up to investigate. They were all asleep. So what was that noise? I checked the bathtub because sometimes the suction cups holding trays and brushes come loose and hit the bottom of the tub with a loud bang. That wasn’t the case this time. Well, what the hell was that noise?

I heard it again! It was coming from the kitchen. I thought maybe the critters under the house were “moving furniture” again. Standing in the kitchen, I hear the noise again. It was coming from under the sink! Do I dare open the cabinet?

I opened the cabinet! What do you think I saw? A baby opossum crawling carefully back down the hole from whence he came! I wanted to grab him before he got away because I’d love to raise a baby opossum and keep him as a pet. They do make wonderful loving pets BUT I let him disappear back under the house.

That is my Wacky Wednesday story!

Not My Photo: Found on Facebook, Owner Unknown


Throwback Thursday

Another TBT and I am finding it difficult to choose which old posts to re-share! Some are good, some are funny, some are too stupid…. Hmmm. Here’s one that takes me back to the days when my son was always bringing home some kind of critter. I actually miss those days…but not so much some of the critters!

Beware The Snapping Turtle