Throwback Thursday

Another TBT and I am finding it difficult to choose which old posts to re-share! Some are good, some are funny, some are too stupid…. Hmmm. Here’s one that takes me back to the days when my son was always bringing home some kind of critter. I actually miss those days…but not so much some of the critters!

Beware The Snapping Turtle

Beware The Snapping Turtle

Wow.  My son, C.F. decided to go for a walk this evening. He found a baby snapping turtle. He brought it home and we ooed and awed at its tiny cuteness. Everyone except for D.M. He was fine until C.F. put it on the floor and the tiny little thing took off like the road runner.  We had to put him in a plastic bucket to get a picture because he was moving so fast! I was amazed at the fact that it was as tiny as a peppermint candy. I took a few pictures of “Tiny” and then C.F. returned him from whence he came….

Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

I remember someone telling me that snapping turtles jump and being a logical thinker and all, I didn’t believe it. However, I did some research and many people claim that they do, in fact, jump. I found a video on YouTube to share. They do jump, I suppose. Although it’s a bit more like a “push off” than anything else and I suppose if the dang thing is big enough, it could quite easily propel itself forward a great distance, especially if it’s pissed off. Oh, and word of warning: The bigger ones CAN take your finger off so proceed with caution when dealing with snapping turtles!

Watch out for ‘Jumping’ Snapping Turtles! LOL.