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Today is the 67th day Dad and I have stayed home. Other than hitting the liquor store, the bank, and the pharmacy drive-thru windows, that is. I’ve had many thoughts over the past couple of months and I thought maybe I should put them in writing. It’s been difficult to get back to writing in my blog and it has taken me 3 weeks to finish this post. There have been days of anger, days of sadness, and days where I have been completely drained and discouraged, but I have finally completed the task! I just hope it’s coherent. Hahaha.

Just to be clear, these are MY thoughts and MY opinions and no one else’s. If you don’t agree then fine, don’t agree. Just move on…


1. We are a nation of spoiled brats. That’s right, I said it. People are up in arms about being asked to stay home, and now, after states opening up again people are being absolutely hateful for being required to wear a mask before entering an establishment. That proves nothing except how spoiled they are. The me, me, me mentality rears its ugly head. Wearing a mask or staying home to save lives or at least to slow the advancement of a deadly virus is just an inconvenience! Nothing more. AN INCONVENIENCE, TEMPORARY. I am sickened by the headlines of violence taking place because of a mere inconvenience. And don’t give me your cockamamy bullshit about your rights being violated. It’s your right to go out and contract COVID-19 but it’s not your right to put others in danger in any way, shape, or form. It won’t kill you to wear a mask because you may be asymptomatic and not know it, therefore spreading the virus.

2. I have learned that I don’t need as much as I thought I did. In order to avoid stores, I managed to buy most things online and if I couldn’t find a certain item, then I’d just go without. Even toilet paper. Yep. Even toilet paper. I purchased UNpaper toilet paper and UNpaper paper towels from an Etsy shop. UNpaper products are made from cloth, in case you’ve not heard of this before. Use, wash, reuse. Simple as that. No stress about finding paper products online or in the stores.

3. I’ve learned that I’m perfectly fine with fewer friends. I’ve recently cut ties with people I’ve known much of my life because I’ve had it with their attitudes. I can handle differences of opinions. I don’t mind a discussion over different views, however, when I state my opinion on a subject and someone decides that I must not know “x, y, or z” and they make it a point to say “you may not know this but…” or “but what you don’t understand is…” it really pisses me the fuck off. I mean, just because my opinion is different does NOT mean that I don’t know something, or that I don’t have all the facts! Of course, I don’t know everything and I may not have all the facts, but just because my opinion is different than someone else’s doesn’t mean that a person (who claimed to be a friend) has the right to invalidate my opinion by assuming that I mustn’t know “x, y, or z.” I don’t have time for such nonsense.

4. Regarding doing research… It cracks me up when people read an article put out by the CDC and then start telling people to do their own research. Wtf is up with that?  Do they really think that ANY research that I (or they) do can beat the research put forth by the CDC? By scientists? Ridiculous! The CDC has been in existence for nearly 75 years and its sole purpose has been to research communicable diseases and protect public health. I think they know a little more than some idiot who spent 2 hours watching YouTube videos!

5. I’ve seen some very inspirational stories of people lending a helping hand; donations, delivering groceries to the elderly, kids using their own saved money to purchase items for the needy, people handing out toilet paper from the trunk of their vehicles, and the list goes on. Why can’t everyone be so selfless? Instead, they purchase items that they may already have at home, leaving shelves empty and someone else to go without. Shameful.

6. Over the years you’ve heard people complain about store clerks and fast-food employees wanting higher wages; living wages. And during the stay-at-home time those essential workers have put themselves and their families’ lives at risk so we could have the groceries, paper products, etc., that we need. Don’t you think they would have liked to stay home to prevent illness? They weren’t afforded that luxury if they wanted to keep their jobs. Don’t you think they would have liked to protect their families? So, let’s just give them a higher damn wage because they deserve it!

7. That brings me to the fact that nurses, doctors, CNAs, cleaning crew, lab personnel, technicians, EMTs, police, firemen, etc., have all put their lives on hold and in danger to take care of us. They have families, too. Many of them stayed away from their families and probably still are staying away, so as not to expose their spouses and children to COVID-19. I am very much in awe of each and every one of them because quite honestly, I’m not sure that I would have been that selfless. They are the heroes. We all owe them a huge THANK YOU.

8. Most of us like to think that we are self-sufficient and for many things we are. But during a pandemic like the one we are experiencing, we are realizing how much we really do depend on others. It’s hard handling things alone. We need each other. We are in this together.

9. I can’t even begin to imagine how women and children in abusive relationships have felt being locked down with their abusers. Kids, whose only respite was to go to school, who have been suddenly stuck at home, are suffering at the hands of some abusive narcissist.

10. I have anxiety and depression to deal with but I can’t imagine having those issues or worse with no one to lean on. Can you imagine living alone and being quarantined with no one for support? Mental Health is always very important but during this time it is especially important so if you know someone who has issues, please reach out to them. You could be their only lifeline.

11. This pandemic is enough to cause panic, anxiety, depression, etc. People panic when they feel they no longer have control of their own lives. This is why hoarding was so out of control, and still may be in some places. Anxieties build up, depression swallows. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be helpful.

12. Teachers and schools have stepped up during this time and delivered food to their students, provided lessons online, and I’ll bet you’ve seen stories of teachers going the extra mile to help their students with their studies while stuck at home. They’re so amazing!

13. And one final thought: Those who are spreading conspiracy theories need to STOP! We have enough on our plates already. Stop making things worse!


I’m not sure that Dad and I will feel safe to go out for a few more months, but who knows. Maybe that second wave won’t happen. Maybe things will go back to a somewhat normal way of life. We can only hope…

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15 thoughts on “Thoughts & Revelations

  1. Well put my friend, especially the mental health issues and those fucking idiots spreading conspiracy theories. Which I think come from too much alcohol and not enough brain cells 🤣

    Also, I’m with you on the wearing masks, not for ourselves but for everyone else. Like I know I’m asymptomatic, it takes me a really long time to get symptoms when I get a UTI, infection, or severe pain. Last year when I got the flu, I was already at the point of being hospitalized because I went to my doctor when I slight cough and fever. So I wear a mask because I know I have this issue, to help others!!

    I salute all front line workers! Your right they deserve so much! Thank you for making all these valid points. Also, good for you for cutting all the dead weight of those who don’t support you, fuck’em and soldier on my dear friend 😎😉.

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    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure how my ramblings would be taken; the way I intended them to or like I’m a blathering idiot. Lol. I could very well be the latter, but prefer folks not know that! Snort!

      People act like it’s going to kill them to wear a mask. Some are saying it’s not healthy because you’re rebreathing your own exhaled CO2. Yeah, that’s why doctors and nurses wear them for extended periods of time. Give me a break. People can be so stupid. It wouldn’t surprise me if that moron of a POTUS said that originally! In his case, not enough brain cells. In others, quite possibly too much alcohol like you said!

      You be very careful, my friend. I’d hate for you to get very ill because you’re body isn’t telling you you’re sick!! We shall both soldier on!!

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      • Your like me my friend, we speak our minds and if people don’t like it, well fuck them and their “sensitive” nature. But usually I find those people LOVE to tell others how to live their lives. I’m like, no thank you motherfuckers, I can do that just fine!

        I am very careful because I know I’m asymptomatic, so when I start to feel even the least bit sick, I make sure to go to the doctor. It’s annoying because sometimes it’s really serious and others I’m just overreacting because of how I am…ugh..

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        • For me, it seems like everyone else can speak their mind, but not me. I’m done with that scenario. I have always felt like there must be something wrong with ME because I feel this way or that, or that I’m wrong when I speak up. Thanks, Mom. That’s what she did to me. She had about an 8th grade education and spent her life trying to make herself feel smarter than everyone else…even her children. Sorry, went off topic there. Lol. Stay healthy and safe, my friend. ❤

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          • I totally understand, because my mom was/is the same way. The other day when I returned her and my dad’s car keys, she said that all this “virus” shit was stupid. They she didn’t see why everyone is being made to stay home etc. I was like, are you fucking serious?! She said (and I quote) “Drs don’t know everything” and I literally almost slapped her! I said to her that it’s people like her and her babyboomer generation that will wipe us all out because of their lack of education and arrogance that they’ve lived through other pandemics, that doesn’t make them smart. It just means they were lucky enough to not succumb to them. Then two weeks later my aunt (he sister) gets the virus. Ugh, my mom and her narcissistic way of thinking. So I understand how and why you feel like that. But your not your mom, and you need to stop feeling like that because you are smart, and know what is best for you and dad, end of story! So it’s not you my friend, it’s everyone else who thinks they know what best for you, instead of focusing on what’s best for them,, like shutting the fuck up! lol

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          • I am so freakin’ thankful that my dad understands how serious this virus is. In late March he was supposed to have one of those Lifeline screening things and he cancelled. They sent him a letter telling him that there were openings for mid-June.He said, “I think it’s still a bit too early so I’m not going to do it.” ❤ Has your mom's attitude changed since her sister came down with the virus? Does she understand that her sister could have died? I just can't wrap my brain around the attitudes of some people. Thanks for your support, dear friend!

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          • Always my friend, I’m here if you need to vent. And, my mom seems to understand more now how serious this virus is. But she’s still a pain in the ass about it, ugh. Anyway, you stay safe and tell dad I said hi and give the pack some good ol’ belly rubs for me.

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  2. All things right on target! I can’t believe people are rising up in protest of a mask… it is so stupid. You are supposed to be making short trips to the store… maybe 20 minutes you will have that mask on. I like the way you think Deb! 🙂

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