Sunday Morning / Day 35

It seems like I’ve been in this house for 135 days, not 35. The days are long and boring. They have been boring prior to this pandemic, but at least then I looked forward to going out on occasion. Right now, I don’t even dare go to the grocery store for fear of bringing the virus home to Dad. Besides, the way they have the stores set up right now, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Only allowing so many people in the store at once means that I would have to wait in line and I doubt my legs would let me get any further. Inside the store, IF I were able to make it that far, some stores have one-way aisles and most have 6-foot markers. I don’t have time to stand there waiting for the person in front of me to move another 6 feet. I mean, I have all the time in the world BUT with my pain level and mobility issues, I have to get in and get out quickly, which would be next to impossible right now.


I’m ordering most things online, but thankfully, we don’t need a lot because we had our freezers and cabinets full (as we always do) before the stay at home orders. We’ve run a bit low on meat, but we have some shelf-stable meals to help. I’ve also ordered a few things from Schwan’s so that will help with the meat situation, as well. My son is going to the store for me; just a few staples like bread, butter, potatoes, bottled water. I will need to order more canned cat food soon as The Pack has informed me that we only have 22 cans left. Hahaha!

I think Dad is a bit more stir crazy than I am. He wants to go out and have lunch but I’ve told him the only way we will do that is if we fetch food via curbside or use the drive-up window. Unfortunately, we live too far away to take advantage of delivery services. I was informed that prices have been jacked up sky-high by some places; like McD’s, 3 simple meals for $50. Ridiculous and this ol’ broad would have to be starving to eat at McD’s in the first place let alone at that price!!

I’m trying not to be negative at this point but I really don’t see things ending well for this country. We need competent leadership to unite us during this most challenging time. I’ll stop there before I say what I really think about our current leadership or lack thereof.


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I hope you all are staying safe and making the most of your situation. That’s about all we can do right now. I am asking one favor of you all. If you read this, please comment where you’re from and how you’re doing. What are you doing at home to pass the time? I’d really love to hear!!

I just can’t seem to focus on my blog these days but I will try to write more in the coming days. until then, take care of yourselves, my friends!


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning / Day 35

  1. I can so understand how you feel my friend. This lockdown is going to make a lot of sane people crazy by the time it’s all over. I’m going stir crazy already and I’m going on week 5. Seriously if the stupid people would only listen to the social distancing, all this might be over sooner.
    I’ll say what you didn’t want to about our pseudo president, he’s taking advantage of this horrible situation to try and make himself look good. Which is huge feat of the impossible because he’s an idiot to beat all idiots. Most of the things he says are so ridiculous and the only ones who believe him are the rest of the idiots! Okay I’ll get off my soap box now. Stay safe my friend hugs and kisses from me and Snarky Charlie! 🤗😸

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    • What worries me is the “stable genius” wanting to “open the country back up” too fucking soon! I understand the economy is suffering but it can be recovered. 40,000+ dead cannot be recovered. We need to get a handle on this virus first and that begins with testing. Idiot In Chief (or the Diapered Dictator) doesn’t give a shit about the lives that are lost or the countless doctors and nurses who are putting their lives on the line trying to save people. The system is already overwhelmed and it’s going to get worse if they open things up. OMG. You got me started on that POS! I will stop myself right there. So much more to say…. I’m just so sick of the stupidity! Grrr…. Staying safe always! You stay safe as well, my friend. Hugs and love to you and Charlie! ❤

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  2. You know where I’m from, Deb. 🙂 Hubby, I, and the rest of the menagerie here are doing fine. Tempers do flare here occasionally, but with hubby’s and my move upcoming, we’re really looking forward to being in a more peaceful surrounding. The 25th can’t get here soon enough for us. 🙂

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