Friday’s Funnies – Cats Are A**holes

Yes, they are. If you own cats or have owned them in the past, then you can relate. For the most part, my 4 furbabies are well-behaved. Except for Jack. He’s the asshole of the bunch. I sometimes call him JackASS. He’s perfectly fine to sleep all day, and then sleep beside me on the bed as I’m reading before bed…but as soon as the light goes out and I start to doze off, he decides it’s time for some shenanigans.

There must be a mouse in my closet because Jack was digging around in there (2 nights in a row now) but as I mentioned, he waits until I start to doze off and then he starts misbehaving! He gets tired of that and then he chases poor Honey Bear and that poor girl cowers in fear! He’s not trying to play. He’s being mean. I have to go after him with a fly swatter! He pulled that shit 3 times last night. I’m thinking it’s time for another vest. His old vest doesn’t fit him anymore. I used to put it on him when he behaved aggressively towards the others. That’s the only way I could train him. It took 3 years to get him integrated completely with the others! It worked, but now all of a sudden, he doesn’t like Honey Bear.

I’m shocked (and I bet you are, too) that I haven’t dedicated a Friday’s Funnies post to only cats, so here it is. The proof that cats can be assholes! I hope you enjoy!!


You thought the dog was the one who ate your homework?



On, off. On, off. On, off. Dis be pretty neat!



The new way to say hello!



Shenanigans commence!



You gotta go, you gotta go! Besides, you poop in a porcelain bowl so why can’t I?



Couldn’t decide which one to use!



They want outside but then…



Those blinds will never be the same…and neither will the new ones, and the new ones after that.



Imprint of the ancient house cat.



Screen doors get the same abuse as the blinds.



I think cats purposely knock their toys under things because they enjoy watching us struggle trying to retrieve the dang things!



That fish lucked out when the family cat thought he should knock it off the table!



If your cat does this, then he’s trying to tell you that you watch too much tv.



Oh, hai. What are you guys doing?



As long as the cat is warm…



I stole your lunch. Couldn’t find any meat.



The cat’s new bed.



Don’t dare me, Susan.






This guy doesn’t like that you’re leaving, so he’s going to wipe his ass on your windshield.



Clean the box, Susan!



What? It’s not a new bed? It’s nice and warm!



Will these hatch if I sit here long enough?


I wanna play, too!


This half is not as warm as the other half.



You come at me, I show you the teef and claws!



Cat likes to do puzzles, too!



I’ll unplug it, man. Don’t yell at me!



How about a little tail?



Missing elastic ponytail bands? Ask your cat where they are.



Cats don’t like selfies!



I want some nom nom, too! Dat smell good!



There was an explosion. I swear, I didn’t do it!



The Elusive Underwear Bandit strikes again!



Take that, human! Put some pants on!



Sorry, had a party last night.


And that, my furry little friends, is why humans do this to you:









So, there ya have it! An entire Friday’s Funnies post dedicated to the domestic cat, who were once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. I don’t think they’ve advanced, do you?

I hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm, stay safe, and stay awesome!

Aunt Debbie





7 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – Cats Are A**holes

  1. Oh man, these are hilarious! 🀣
    I think Charlie has done almost all of these except get on the counter and sleep on paper towels. Oh, he did eat an entire glazed donut (I didn’t know he had at the time ) and then got on the couch and next to the end table to drink the milk foam off my cappuccino. The mofo had donuts and coffee that day!! That was the day he mainlined organic cat nip off the kitchen floor. Probably had the munchies afterwards πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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  2. My young cats like to scratch the door jamb. I am always after them. However, I did have a bit of a laugh when Tulip reached up to scratch and happened to catch the bottom of my coat hanging nearby. It must have scared her a little bit because she climbed the coat about 2 or three inches before she realized that she couldn’t extricate herself. I sat there and watched her as she swung back and forth while hanging onto that coat for dear life. I was sure that scenario would cure her of scratching the door jamb. I was wrong.

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