On The Corner of Happy & Healthy….Pffftttt

Oh, what a day.

My son came over to mow the lawn this morning. Dad was instructed by his doctor to stay out of the sun while on his antibiotics. He really shouldn’t be out in the hot sun anyway, being 80 years old and all. That’s all he needs; a nice, life-altering stroke. Not.

Anyway, they made sure the mower would start and then Dad and I headed out. We needed to pick up Dad’s new meds at Walgreen’s…on the corner of happy & healthy, you know. We pulled up to the drive up window and a notification sound sounded. I looked at the controls. Low Air Pressure. Yay. This happens all the time when the weather starts to change. So, no big deal we were thinking. We can stop at a gas station and check the tires.

The car in front of us pulled away so we pulled forward. The car made this horrendous sound! You know the sound of a flat tire on a car that is moving, right? It was loud and Dad opened the door to look at the tires. FLAT TIRE. FLAT. Just plain FLAT. Just great. Now what? Dad doesn’t need to be in the hot sun while on his meds but now he has to change a tire? I wished I could do it. Pain and mobility issues really suck!

I roll the window down to speak to the clerk behind the window. Dad’s meds aren’t ready yet. Crap. We told her we’d come back. About that time, I hear “Excuse me, ma’am!” I look to my right in the other drive up lane, and a woman is pointing to my tire and she said something but I really wasn’t listening. I knew the tire was flat already. I gave her a thumbs up gesture and pulled through the line and parked where we wouldn’t be in the way.



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Oh boy. Now the fun. Dad tries to get the lug nuts off. We’ve had the tires off before; why the heck does it seem that the lug wrenches are either too big or too small? Dad was struggling. He was saying how he hates to call AAA because no telling how long we’ll be sitting here. All of a sudden, he pulls out a sharp-ended screw of some kind right out of the tire! We must have picked it up as we pulled into the drive up lane. Better than while we were driving! Dad was disgusted. So was I. Especially when we found out that the mower had stopped working — we sure hoped my son got most of the yard mowed, it needed it so bad!

About that time, a nice man approached us from a parking lot to the right. He was doing some yard work at the building next door. He offered to give Dad a hand. He too was a little perplexed as to why the lug wrenches weren’t working. He even tried his own. He eventually got them loosened, jacked the car up and got the tire off. He put the spare tire on. He gave us directions to a tire shop where we could get the tire patched up. We talked for a few minutes and let him know how thankful we were for his help.

Until today, I had nearly given up on the kindness of mankind. It was nice to have been shown there are still some good people out there. The man, wouldn’t accept anything in return for his assistance. He said, “All I could think about was that it could be my mom and dad who needed help and I would hope someone would step up and help them.” Too bad more people don’t think like that.

The nice man went about his business and Dad and I headed to the tire shop. $10.00 and 10 minutes later, we were on our way. We were hungry because we hadn’t had any lunch yet and it was almost 2:00 pm. We headed over to El Chico to have a bite and a drink!! We were so hungry we ate everything on our plates. We normally bring food home for later. Not this time. I had a Strawberry Daiquiri and Dad had a glass of wine.


Enough with this day! Stopped by Walgreen’s again to pick up Dad’s meds…..on the corner of happy & healthy……hopefully not picking up any more sharp objects in the process, and then on our way home!

Boy, was I glad to be home! Ahhhh!

Wings, Crunch!

Yesterday, Dad and I headed out to the nearest Walgreen’s, which isn’t very near I might add. He needed a refill on his antibiotic ointment and he had a new script for an oral antibiotic – both for the cellulitis on his lower left leg. I had been telling him for weeks, if not months, to go to the doctor and have that rash looked at. It started as what looked like a bug bite and then developed into a round rash, the size of a silver dollar. It just kept growing and growing, until it was covering nearly his entire lower leg. He just wouldn’t go to the doctor. He kept telling me, “I have an appointment in October.” Um. Ok. So what? When I took him for his Lifeline screening last week they told him he needs to have that looked at because it might be infected….so then he decided it was a good idea to go to the doctor! Geez. Anyway, I digress.

At Walgreen’s, we dropped off the new script and the old, to have them filled. We then went on to have lunch. We decided on Buffalo Wild Wings because it was half-price Tuesday! We each ordered a small wing basket (10 wings each) with a side of fries. We couldn’t eat them all; I only ate 3 of mine and the fries. I think Dad ate 4 and some fries. We always end up taking some home, which is great because then I don’t have to worry about making anything for dinner. I think anyone would agree that that’s always a good deal! We asked the server for a couple of boxes to take our food home in and then we were on our way, back to Walgreen’s to pick up Dad’s meds.

On the way out to the parking lot, Dad dropped one of the boxes. Ugh! It just happened to be mine. The box popped open and a few of my wings hit the asphalt! OMG. Dad scooped them up and put them back in the box, getting wing sauce all over his hands. Good grief. Good thing I grabbed a few wet wipes off the table! But OMG, my wings! He felt bad and said I could have his but I didn’t want him to feel bad or for him to not have any wings for later. I told him not to worry about it because I could rinse them off. After all, I have hot sauce at home that I can coat them with after I rinse them off. Ugh. My wings!! (Maybe with extra crunch!)

At Walgreen’s the lady informed us that Dad’s insurance won’t cover the cream until the following day. He was already out of the cream. The oral antibiotic couldn’t be filled until the day after next. So, this was a wasted trip and we have to go back on Friday to pick them up. Bureaucratic bull squirt is all it is.

On the way home, we stopped to get gas. The screen on the gas pump said, “Thank you for shopping with us…..” on the first screen and then the next screen said, “…today.” We had to chuckle about it because of course, it’s today! Why even say, “today?” It would never say, “Thank you for shopping with us last Thursday” or “Thank you for shopping with us tomorrow.” Of course, it’s today!

I find humor in the dumbest things!

Oh, and I rinsed my wings off pretty good, coated them in my own hot sauce, heated them and you would have never known they had been dropped on the asphalt! Ha!