Tears of Joy & My Baby Boy

Maybe you missed me, maybe you didn’t. It’s all good. I’m back nonetheless. This post might come a little scrambled….as my thoughts are still a bit scrambled from the event of the weekend.

My son and his girlfriend tied the knot this past Saturday evening. It was surreal and was as though time had stood still for just a few moments. This would be the last time my baby boy would be single.

As the music started, my son walked me to my seat. He waited patiently front and center while the rest of the Wedding Party was seated or had taken their place up front. One of the most touching moments was when the Bride’s Grandmother was being pushed in her wheelchair as she dropped flower petals along the path. What a beautiful Flower Girl!

I watched, fighting the tears, as my son saw his Bride for the first time in her dress, walking down the aisle with her Father. The Bride and her dress were gorgeous of course, but my son’s expression was priceless!

The Bride’s Brother officiated. It was a lovely ceremony and I couldn’t help but tear up. Of course, the hot flashes made me feel as though I was going to explode so I fanned myself quietly with the Wedding program in hand.

When my son and his Bride were pronounced Man and Wife, they shared a kiss that was passionate and a bit long. A bit too long for the Bride’s Father, who spoke up, “That’s enough!” Everyone chuckled out loud and it was done. My son was married! I have a new daughter and I’m happy to welcome her into my family as her family has welcomed my son into theirs.

I pray they have a long and loving marriage. I hope they give me lots of grandbabies! I will always wish the best for them because I love them both so much! I can’t wait to see what’s in their future! Right now, they are having a short and sweet Honeymoon. I can’t wait to see them when they come back!

For now, I get caught up on laundry and other chores! Chronic pain has caused me major problems these past couple weeks so I am suffering from lack of sleep. Getting back to my normal routine and getting in those daily power naps will help. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to my writing this week, too! Fingers crossed!


One Step Forward…..

So, the Supreme Court ruled today that Gay Marriage is now legal in all states! That one step forward doesn’t feel like a step forward at all, when you listen to all the negativity surrounding the entire issue. It’s unbelievable to me that people are so close-minded that they cannot see beyond the idea that “it says in the Bible….”

Biblical times are not THESE times. Times change. I’m not writing this to discuss the Bible or Christian beliefs. However, I WILL say that GOD loves everyone! If GOD has a problem with gay people then let GOD take care of it. Wouldn’t God want you to treat EVERYONE with kindness and fairness? Respect? I say yes, YES He would.

Gay people do not have a choice over their sexuality. It’s not like they decide to be gay for “the fun of it” – not my words but someone else’s stupidity coming forth on the good ol’ internet. Gay people have the right to love and be loved just as straight people do. They do not deserve to be judged by YOU for who they are or who they choose to be with. You can’t help who you fall in love with. That’s just how that crazy critter called love is….

I’m appalled by a comment I read earlier today. A woman asked, “Why do they [gay people] want to get married anyway? They’re going to be together if they want to be together, whether they are married or not.” This is true. But isn’t it also true that STRAIGHT people are going to be together if they want to be together, whether they are married or not? So, why do straight people get married? They marry because…..

*They love one another and they want to spend their lives together.

*To show their commitment to one another in front of their friends, family, and God. Wedding vows (promises) are made and taken more seriously if in a traditional, legal ceremony.

*To legalize their commitment because society recognizes this contract between two people.

*To ensure that their medical and legal rights are protected, normally reserved for blood relatives and guardians, but when married, the spouse is granted the right to make medical decisions.

*To have children; start a family. Marriage is binding, therefore both parties agree to raise the children, and that the children be taken care of in the future. Marriage provides a legal and strong foundation.

*When you marry, you agree to be faithful, supportive, loving and kind….through thick and thin, sickness and health….until one of you has passed away.

I suppose there are many other reasons straight people get married…..but don’t gay people get married for the same reasons? Of course they do! They aren’t really any different than any of the rest of us!

I’m sure someone will argue,  “Gay people can’t make babies.” I beg to differ. Many gay couples use a surrogate. If that isn’t an option for them, they adopt. There are many children in this country who need a loving home. Isn’t that all any child wants? Parents who love and adore them, protect them, teach them….. Right? Why wouldn’t God approve of a loving couple taking in a child that is not biologically theirs and raising that child as their own?

Oh, how this world makes my head and heart hurt. 

I know so many of you will disagree with everything I have said here. You have every right to disagree and voice your opinion. I always try to be respectful when speaking my mind…..a concept that so many do not understand! It is my hope that if you speak your mind, you will be respectful, even if you believe differently. It’s only right.