Difficult Feelings

I really do care about people. I feel their pain when they are in pain. I feel their grief when they are grieving. I laugh when they laugh. I am very empathetic and sympathetic. I lend a good ear and I have a big shoulder for those needing a good cry. I often have advice that sometimes is taken and sometimes, is not. I love with my whole heart and if you are my true friend I will be a loyal friend. My family is my heart and soul. To hurt my family is to hurt me. If you hurt me I am not so quick to forgive. When my heart is bruised, it heals slowly. When it is broken, it may not heal at all. I respect everyone unless they disrespect me or my family.

I have lost trust and respect for someone I cared deeply for and it hurts. I wish I could get that back but I’m afraid that ship has sailed. It can never be the same. I do miss her because she was like a daughter to me.

I have been disrespected by another, in such a manner that I don’t think I could ever respect that person regardless of how hard I try. I must try however, for the sake of someone else who is very close to my heart. How can I even begin to care about someone who is so blatantly disrespectful? Is he really so arrogant (or stupid) that he thinks he deserves my respect now?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to ‘care’ about people these days especially when it seems like every time I feel, I get burned. When I was young I learned not to loan my belongings to others because I would get my belongings back damaged (or not at all). It’s the same with my heart, loyalty, respect and compassion. Why give it, if only to have it damaged?