Loser Boyfriend Syndrome

Yeah. Loser Boyfriend Syndrome. Been there, done that. Many women have experienced this. Many will experience it sometime in their future. I think if you never experience this then you are one of the luckiest women on the face of this planet!

My experience started back when I was 20 years old. At the time I had no idea my boyfriend would be the biggest loser that ever lived. I see my daughter making the same stupid mistake that I made all those years ago. You see, she has a loser boyfriend.

He’s almost 10 years older than she is. She’s 21. He’s 30.

He’s married and has been for quite some time, to the same woman.

He has kids. 4 kids to be exact. All girls. All with the same woman.

The wife kicked him out. They were supposedly having problems anyway but who knows….. He had no place to live. My daughter wanted him to stay with us. No freakin’ way! We gave him a place on our property to put his old camper so he would have a place to stay. He’s never there. He’s always kissing his wife’s ass.

He was in jail for drug possession. He faces other criminal charges such as possession (again) and theft of a lap top from Walmart. Let’s not forget domestic violence, which has been debunked as just the wife wanting to screw him over. Supposedly.

He is a drug addict. (Recovering, supposedly.)

He had a job but purposely got fired so he could get unemployment. (Although months later, he still hadn’t applied for unemployment!)

He has no vehicle. A motorcycle he borrowed from his brother is his only trasportation at the moment, which he has wrecked more times than I can remember.

He knocked up my daughter. I know she had some say in this too. That doesn’t excuse the fact that he should’ve been a bit more in control considering he has 4 other children to support. He is still unemployed even though my daughter’s baby is due Oct. 29. He’s looking for them a place to live. Yeah right. How can he find a place to live without a job? Oh he’s working on it I’m told. Sure.

He bought a motorcycle from some lady. He’s suppose to take over payments. How is he to do that if he doesn’t have a job?

He borrows his wife’s car so he can go to his court dates and so he can hang out with his friends, come over and see my daughter — once in awhile. Sometimes he even takes her with him! Woo Hoo! Then the very next day, when my daughter has a Dr. appt. he conveniently can’t get the car from his wife. Very convenient. That’s ok because mom (ME) will take her.

He’s always spending time with his kids……which is fantastic YES. He should be spending time with his children. But those kids are always with their mother, his wife. Is he only spending time with the kids? I think not.

He hasn’t been ‘living’ in his camper for several weeks. Where is he staying? My daughter says he’s “spending time with his kids” but I can read between the lines. He’s staying with his wife.

When he has been around here, my daughter fixes him food and takes it out to the camper to him. He won’t come in the house and be social at all or show any appreciation that we have given him a place to stay! I wish they would just put his ass in jail, where he belongs. The longer, the better. Maybe that way my daughter will forget about his sorry ass and move on. If he doesn’t go to jail, he will end up going back to his wife because and MARK MY WORDS he will go back to her because it will be easier to pay child support on one child rather than 4!