I Despise Sports…But…

Daily writing prompt
What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?


I’ve never liked sports much, nor have I ever been a willing participant! There’s only one sport I truly enjoy though – watching, that is. Ice Hockey. I love a good game of hockey, but my favorite hockey games occur during the Winter Olympics. 

I always root for my country, the USA, but when the final games come down, if the USA doesn’t make it to the end, I will root for the best team. The best team (in my eyes) could be based on how they played during the duration of the tournament but could also be ‘who’ they are. For example, I will always root for the team that plays against Russia. It doesn’t matter where they are from. 

One of the most exciting games I have ever watched was in the 1998 Nagano games. It was Czech vs. Russia. The Czech Republic had two of the best players at the time, Jaromir Jagr and Dominic Hasek. Hasek wasn’t referred to as “The Dominator” for no reason! Talk about exciting! The Czech Republic kicked some Russian butt! I loved every second of that Gold Medal game!

I enjoy other competitions during the Winter Olympics, as well. I like figure skating, snowboarding, ski jumping, and the luge, but my favorite is and always will be ice hockey.  

Changes? What Changes?

Daily writing prompt
How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?


For me, things are about the same now as they were pre-pandemic. Being disabled and unable to work, I only went out for groceries and appointments. Dad and I would eat out once a week and sometimes I would eat out with a friend.

When Covid-19 hit, we stayed home and only went out for medical appointments. We sometimes hit the drive-thru at the liquor store just to keep Dad’s supply of wine stocked. I ordered food online; Schwan’s, Nutrisystem, HMR, and anything that could be shipped I took advantage of. I ordered from Walmart, Target, and Dollar General. I ordered produce from a company that shipped every 2 -4 weeks. My son brought me meat and cheese items on occasion. I discovered late in the game that our local Walmarts were now offering curbside service so I started using that. 

Now, we go out only for appointments and curbside orders at Walmart. Afterward, we usually eat out. I still order Schwan’s and Nutrisystem when I can afford it. HMR is up and running again so I can order from them. That’s about it these days. Dad’s health is declining and mine ain’t so hot either. Staying home and away from people is fine by me. No adaptation required. 

Covid is still out there and we get our boosters every 6 months. We wear a mask when required, and sometimes when there’s a crowd or if someone is sick we don our masks. I’m waiting for it to get bad again. It wouldn’t surprise me if something worse came along. It will happen, eventually.

Wakey, Wakey!

Daily writing prompt
What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?


I despise waking up in the morning. I always feel like I’ve been asleep for days and/or I am confused about what day it is! It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a good night’s sleep or only slept for a couple of hours. Ugh. I wish I was as cheerful and oblivious as Mr. Bean.

The first hour I’m up consists of waking up! First, after a visit to the ladies’ room, I have my first cup of coffee. Ah, that first cup! The funny thing is that I never became a coffee drinker until I was 40 years old! Weird, huh? As I’m having my morning coffee, I check on friends and family by scrolling through Facebook and checking my Facebook memories. I check my email. I private message my daughter or my best friend, sometimes both. 

Every morning, I have to play interference with Jack and BobCat. Jack is a moody, jealous little shit so he picks on BobCat. Poor BobCat doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind, as my ol’ Granny would say. HoneyBear seems to think it’s time to eat when I wake up (whether from a nap or night’s sleep, it doesn’t matter) and she sits and screams at me for 20 minutes until she gives up. Alice comes around wanting attention, poor little senior Alice. She’s 10 years old now. I hope she makes it another 5 years at least. 

When I’m fully awake and my bones are warmed up, I shower and throw a load in the washing machine. Then I decide on what to fix for lunch and take whatever I need from the freezer to thaw. Then it’s off to do a chore that my housekeeper should be doing but she’s lazy and disabled…oh, wait, that’s me. 

That’s the first hour of a day in the life of a disabled pain in the ass. Exciting, ‘eh? 

Mr. Bean makes me laugh and I always hear him in my mind saying, “Wakey, wakey!” so I had to include him in this post. 

Personality Rules!

Daily writing prompt
Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

Personality means more to me than social status, looks, money, religion, or anything else. No one has the same personality as another person. We are all different. 

When I ‘click’ with someone, it’s not their financial or social status, their looks, or anything else that draws me to them. It’s their personality! It’s also what turns me off; If you’re an asshole, then I won’t be drawn to you. Period. 

We all possess a combination of traits that make us unique. If we were all the same, life would be boring. 

A Laugh A Day Keeps Depression At Bay, Sometimes

Daily writing prompt
What makes you laugh?

My worst days are better when I can find humor in everyday things. A loud fart or silly dad joke, perhaps a quote from a commercial inserted in just the right place in a serious conversation will almost always make me laugh. 

What makes me laugh the most is my Dad! He has always been the comic relief, ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, leave it to Dad to make us girls laugh. As a young adult, whose levity entertained us? It was always Dad’s. 

If you go to my #ShitMyDadSays posts and read them (if you haven’t already) then you’ll understand completely!