Elvis Is Dead


Ok, so… I don’t have a pet mouse named Elvis but a mouse died yesterday, and not in a trap, unless you count Jack’s tummy. I found mouse remains on the laundry room floor. I don’t think he tasted good because Jack threw it up and wasn’t feeling well afterward. I was worried for a few hours because he just wasn’t himself. Later in the day, he perked up and went mouse hunting again.


Yes, we have mice. We also have craneflies, roly-polies, centipedes, millipedes, termites, beetles, wasps, spiders, and so much more. That’s really fun in the warmer months. You should see BobCat chasing a beetle! Anyway, since we live out in the middle of nowhere we have to deal with the annoyance of all kinds of things. One year we had a family of skunks living under the house. Something spooked them, and my house smelled like skunk for weeks afterward!


Jack felt well enough to continue with his mouse shenanigans and caught another… It was just a baby! Then Alice caught one. She ate the head off and left the rest. Thanks Alice. I think there must’ve been a new nest of meeces (intentional, an attempt of humor) living somewhere in a mouse-sized crawlspace. Things have calmed down now so I think my furbabies have killed them all.

Rest in Pieces, Little Meeces.

4 thoughts on “Elvis Is Dead

  1. Oh geez, don’t you just love it when the cats bring you “gifts?” lol. I get a lot of critters at my house also, including beetles which I hate, and since Charlie is strictkly a house cat now, I depend on the feline gang outside to catch all of those nasty things. The Feline Gang consists of Fat Bootsy, Loki and Fluffers. It’s a case of my house but not my cats, lol.

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  2. Nothing like your fur baby bringing in a mouse that’s still alive, seeing you, dropping it and then the mouse runs off under the fridge or wherever. Ugh. Hate when that happens! Glad Jack’s around to keep things under control! Mona

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