Still Kickin’

Happy Monday!

What’s that? Yes, I’m still kickin’…and sometimes screaming. I’m trying to get back on track but this past couple of months have sucked and quite frankly, my desire to do anything has diminished.

We finally got propane, which is our primary source of heat. It took an entire month to get that no-good, mofo company out here to fill our tank! We went through that zero degree weather with 2 little space heaters in the living room, which didn’t even begin to keep us warm. I ended up buying a couple of electric shawls that were a Godsend, holy crap. They really helped – but now it’s warming up and I have packed them away for next winter.

We thought we were in the home stretch when our water pipes froze. We always take precautions and this time was no different but it was so much colder than it normally is that what we did wasn’t good enough. When it started to warm up and the pipes started to thaw, we realized we had busted pipes and we had to shut the water completely off. My son came and replaced pipes and repaired leaks and we thought we had it made but then for some reason we only had hot water in the bathtub and cold water in the toilet but no water anywhere else! My son checked and double-checked but could find nothing wrong! Nearly 2 weeks later, we finally found a plumber and $500+ later, we had water everywhere we were supposed to have water! The faucets were clogged; the kitchen faucet even had to be replaced. Boy, was it nice to be able to take a shower and wash dishes like “normal folk”.

I’ve been having health issues again. You may recall I was in the ER in December with swollen legs and numbness. I’ve been taking meds for that but last week I was in the doctor’s office with “leakage” in my legs. Technically, it’s lymphedema and I need a specific treatment which my insurance won’t pay for. That doesn’t surprise me at all, as it’s not the first time I’ve not been able to have the treatment/procedure/medication that I need to improve and protect my health. Anyway, the medical center has sent me forms to apply to a local charity that sometimes pays for things that folks can’t afford. I won’t get my hopes up because if I do, the rug will get pulled out from under me as it always does.

On the bright side, my daughter has given birth to a bouncing baby girl! My baby girl now has her own baby girl and that makes me so happy! On that note, I will leave you with a photo of Miss Angelina Rose!

angelina rose

12 thoughts on “Still Kickin’

  1. Holy crap Batman! You’ve been through some serious shit this last month my friend. I’m glad that that stupid asshole propane company finally got their raggedy ass up to get your order filled! FML, and to top it up those pipes? Sheeesh, I’m glad that things have finally started to get a bit better for you my friend, now all you need to do is get to your doctor/specialist/voodoo dude to help you with your leg issues. Apply for that charity…..DO IT!! You never know what could happen.
    You new grandbaby looks adorable!! Congrats Grams!! lol

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    • It’s been a rough time, indeed! I will apply for the help but I won’t get my hopes up. Everytime I do, the rug gets pulled out from under me.

      Thanks for the congrats! I just wish I could be near my daughter so I could cuddle with that cutie pie grandbaby! 💜

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  2. Glad to hear you’re back on track now, but I agree with TheHuntress that you need to apply for that charity. Take advantage of any monetary help you can get when you need it. Congratulations on the new granddaughter! 🙂

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  3. I am so glad you got your propane FINALLY. I would be temped to send the propane company the plumber bill! But all that is behind you now. You have a possibility of getting your procedure done and you have a most beautiful granddaughter! It is looking up now!

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