What Happened To Aunt Debbie?


Have you noticed my absence? I’ve been gone for a bit.  At first, I was just lacking the motivation to write or do anything else creative. I didn’t stress over it. I just let it be.

Then 2 weeks ago, on Feb. 1, we were low on propane. Our propane heater is our primary source of heat. We use space heaters periodically, to help keep the chill down when it’s colder than usual. Our propane provider says to order when the tank reads 30%. They also say not to let the tank get below 10%, ever. And they have an attitude if you try to order when the tank is over 30%. So, knowing we were at 30%, Dad called in the order. 

Since this particular company took over we hadn’t had a problem. The company prior to, is a different story. I thought I had blogged about the past incident but I couldn’t find it to link to it here. What happened with the prior company was that Dad didn’t order propane in time during the holiday season and were conserving propane until after the new year when they finally showed up to fill the tank. We were cold but we were not hit with a severe snow/ice storm that year. Unlike this year… You’ve most likely heard about the severe winter weather advisories for some of this country. That’s what we’re going through right now in SW Missouri!

Up until now, our current propane provider had been here within 2 or 3 days to fill our tank. I know they get busy during the winter months and with the road conditions right now, I can understand the delay…BUT we ordered on Feb. 1st. The roads were fine then. The weather was cold, but fine then.

Here we sit on Feb. 15th. Still waiting for propane. Our tank is now at 10%. We can’t use anymore. We have been using space heaters for the last week. Two space heaters, in the living room, to be exact. We can’t use more heaters because the idiot who built this house put almost everything on the same circuit as the kitchen so anytime we use something ‘extra’ that draws a lot of power, we blow a circuit. Even the toaster blows a circuit if too many things are going at the same time.

Here’s one heater. Look at the temp:

41 degrees, in the house, and just around the immediate vicinity of the heater. Can you imagine? The rest of the house is cold as ice! Unless, of course, you’re next to the other heater like poor Alice, who is disgusted with the present condition of her safe and warm home! This heater shows a higher temp because the photo was taken on Saturday when the sun was shining bright and the temp was a tiny bit higher outside. 

As you can see, I have placed cat beds all around the heater so my poor babies can stay warm. As for Dad and I, we are bundled in layers of coats and sweaters, gloves and scarves, hoods and caps, blankets and throws. We are using heating pads. I had planned on buying a couple electric blankets, but didn’t get a chance before this winter storm. We aren’t getting deliveries of any kind at the moment because of the road conditions, but I will order the blankets soon. This bitter cold has played hell on my legs, my arthritis. For a couple of days, the pain in my legs hindered my ability to walk. I had to do something so – don’t laugh – I wrapped my legs with small fleece throws and used duct tape to secure them! This has helped my legs stay warmer and I can walk better. I am still not a happy camper!


Last Tuesday, Dad called the propane company to find out when they might be here to fill the tank. He had to leave a message. They called back on Wednesday and told us the truck would be here to fill our tank that day. They never showed! We kept calling and emailing the company, explaining that we have no propane and that one of us is elderly, the other disabled. They haven’t returned our calls or emails as of yet. Yesterday, I heard that the truck was in our area! It was nearly 5pm though and they hadn’t shown yet. I don’t know if they were actually in the area or not.

I’m really disgusted, and extremely cold…ANGRY even. I think if the propane companies can’t handle the demand during this time of year, then they should hire more drivers and/or get more trucks! I also think that since they know how unpredictable our weather can be here in the Ozarks, they should have trucks that are able to get on these roads during severe winter weather. As my grandmother used to say about businesses that fall short: “Shit or get off the pot!” I agree 100%.

We are looking into changing propane providers; some don’t serve our area and others will but only if a neighbor needs propane at the same time, IF there’s a neighbor with the same provider, that is. We also have to consider rent and other fees for hook up of a new tank, and the policies they have regarding keeping that tank filled. 

I hope this will soon be another shit stain memory that we will never have to repeat. For now, we wait. We sit here, in the cold, waiting… I may not write again before we get propane. It’s just too damn cold. 

20 thoughts on “What Happened To Aunt Debbie?

  1. Omg Deb!! I had no idea, seriously I hope you and dad and the pack are okay. Well, as okay as you can be staying as warm as possible. Stupid propane company, what’s the name? Do you want me to call and tear them a new one!? Because I can, I will, ugh stupid mofos! 🤬😡.
    I know what it’s like to depend on propane instead of natural gas, when I was married and lived out in the sticks our mobile homes was propane. Those fleece blanket leg wraps are genius! Do what you can to lessen the pain. I’m sorry you have to go through this, let me know if you need anything. Much love and hugs 🤗💜🤗💜🤗💜

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    • We are ok…cold as hell but ok. I’m worried about my furbabies. They might be spoiled according to some, but they aren’t used to this frigid cold!

      Dad says he’s ok but he’s skinny and I’m not. I worry he’s going to get sick.

      I am pretty sure you’d scare the hell out of them if you called them! They should’ve delivered our propane that first week before the weather got bad but now they can’t because the roads are bad. We aren’t getting any deliveries at all. We did get mail up until Friday.

      You like my leg wrap idea, ‘eh?! Lol. It helped a lot until today. We had a high of 1 degree today and the wind chill was -11. Holy crap. Kill me now.

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      • Oh Deb, I wish there was something I could do for y’all. Are you serious 1 freaking degree!? I’m telling you, dad and the pack should have moved to El Paso instead of Hazard County…lol. We were at a low of 15 degrees here, by the time I got out of work it was 27 degrees, so it was warmer. Geez Louise, it snowed and that just made the stupid drivers even stupider…no one here now show to drive in snow. I’m sorry your going through that my friend, sending you, dad and the pack as much warmth and well wishes your way💜🤗💜🤗.

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  2. Omg my heart breaks for you. I wish there was something I could do to help. I’m in Ohio and we are getting hit with severe weather over the next few days. I can not imagine not having heat. I pray you get propane asap!!!

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  3. I was really hoping for an update in the comments that it was delivered. I still am keeping you, your dad and all your furbabies in my thoughts. It is getting warmer here in Iowa so I am hoping you are getting a little relief there.

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    • We are still miserable. Lol. Still no propane but it’s warmer now…still cold but warmer than it was. Our pipes froze Tuesday night despite taking precautions. Then a few pipes burst. We had to turn off the water completely and are now trying to find all the pipes that need to be replaced. I think being without water is worse than not having heat! Lol. The kitchen and bathroom are a disaster! Ugh. Thank you for thinking of us! I’m glad you’re seeing some warmer weather in your neck of the woods. 💜

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  4. UPDATE : We are STILL waiting for propane! Water pipes are still frozen. I don’t know what’s worse: no heat or no water! Wait, no water is definitely worse!

    It’s been 20 days since we ordered propane. It’s warming up now and the sun has melted a lot of the snow. When this is all said and done, we will be choosing another propane provider. It’s just a matter of coordinating the switch.

    Don’t worry, friends. We will survive.


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