Friday’s Funnies

Well, look what day it is again! These weeks are going by so quickly! Soon Christmas will be here and the year will be gone. I just hope certain “other things” will be gone shortly thereafter, too! 

Can you believe I’m actually getting this week’s funnies out this early? Ha! One point for me! It’s really not early but sometimes it’s nearly midnight before I get it published! I hope you like these better than last week’s. Be sure to comment your faves at the bottom of the post!

First, here’s a set of Animal Selfies I thought was extremely comical! I hope you do, too!



































Do you have a favorite? Or two or three? I got the biggest chuckle out of the naked kid in the window…and the potluck idea! Snort! I hope you liked at least a few of these, my friends!

Are you enjoying the Fall weather? Here in SW Missouri, it is cooling down and I’m so happy! I’m wearing sweats right now and I’m looking forward to having to wear a sweater! What do you look forward to the most in the Fall?

Have a super weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday! Stay safe and enjoy the season!

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies

  1. My favorites were Larry and his first catch of the leaf and the getting out of future potlucks. I mean WTH is in that thing? O_O I kind of liked the one about the dog that stole the rack of ribs.

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