My Top 15 Favorite Songs

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’m sure that statement holds true for many people. Music has helped me get through some tough times, but my love for music began in early childhood.

I was just a little girl as I sat and listened to the music my parents listened to; a little Frank Sinatra, a bit of the Beatles, and many of the other popular artists of the 60’s. I had favorite songs back then, too. I get nostalgic when I hear something from the ‘good ol’ days’.

In the 70’s, I was introduced (by radio DJ’s) to The Carpenters, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Bee Gees, Abba…and so many more pop artists. Then came AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and The Eagles. When I was old enough to buy my own records, I was thrilled! I bought my records with my babysitting money in a little record store, aptly named, “The Music Box.” I loved that place!

Most of my favorite songs are from the 90’s – I’m not saying I don’t have favorites from other decades, but my Top 15 favorite songs are mostly from the 90’s. The following songs made my list based on lyrics, guitars, drums, or on a deeper, more personal level. I hope you enjoy these videos!


15. Gravedigger by Dave Matthews Band

14. Bodies – Drowning Pool

13. Freak On A Leash – Korn

12. Voodoo – Godsmack

11.Lightning Crashes – Live

10. Zombie – Cranberries

9. The World I Know – Collective Soul

8. Pardon Me – Incubus

7. Don’t Cry – Guns n Roses

6. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

5. Seize The Day – Avenged Sevenfold

4. No Rain – Blind Melon

3. November Rain – Guns n Roses 

2. The Reason – Hoobastank

1. Drive – Incubus

What songs would be in your Top 15?

13 thoughts on “My Top 15 Favorite Songs

  1. I like most of those on your list–Carpenters, ACDC, ABBA, and others. I like posts about favorite songs because I like to see if any of my favorites are on the list. Right now I’m compiling a list of my top 100 songs.

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  2. Loved Blind Melon, and even though I’m not a GNR fan, November Rain is my favorite song of theirs. My faves go:
    10. I’m Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage
    9. Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
    8. Daughters of Darkness – Halestorm
    7. Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones
    6. Not A Pretty Girl – Ani DiFranco
    5. Heat of The Night – Bryan Adams
    4. Gypsy Road – Cinderella
    3. Mother – Danzig
    2. Celebrity Skin – Hole
    1. Veronica – Elvis Costello

    I have more, but, these are what I’m feeling today 🤣😂😝.

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  3. My ten in no particular order…
    1 What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
    2 Two Hangmen – Mason Proffit
    3 Too Old To Cry – Tasty Nickel
    4 Sounds of Silence – Disturbed (I LOVE the video for it!)
    5 Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    6 More Than Words – Extreme
    7 What About Me – Moving Pictures
    8 Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
    9 One Love One You – Oak Ridge Boys
    10 We Tamed the Night – Oysters Rockefeller

    I have a TON more so if you ask me tomorrow my list would likely be different. All but two of the songs can be found on You Tube… 3 and 10 are songs that should be top ten songs from regional bands.

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  4. Would you believe that the only song on that this that I have heard is Bohemian Rhapsody? Don’t know any of the other songs at all – and most of the artists I haven’t heard of either. I have heard of Guns and Roses but only heard one song. Have heard of Korn but don’t know any of their songs and that’s about it – don’t know of any of the other bands. But then again, I totally switched off popular music in the 90’s as most of it was pretty dreadful. There was Oasis and Nirvana and that was about it really.

    But that’s OK – you most likely wouldn’t have heard of a lot of the stuff I listen to these days either, The Corries, Battlefield Band, Tannerhill Weavers and am currently exploring pre war acoustic blues, such as Mississippi John Hurt and Big Bill Broonzy etc etc. As you know my taste is quite varied. Loved one of the comments where they are making a list of 100 favourite songs. I might have a go at that myself.

    Do you remember years ago, when we used to send tapes to each other. I still have that cd you sent. Gosh that was a long time ago.

    Keep blogging!


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    • You’re right! I’ve not heard of the artists you mentioned! I have varied tastes myself, but most of my favorite songs are from the 90’s. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of The Cranberries. 😮 I’m going to start a list of 100 of my faves soon. It may take a while to get that done but it WAS a great idea! I still have the tapes you sent me, too! I can’t play them because I don’t have a cassette player anymore but I still have it! 😉 It WAS a long time ago. I kind of miss those days. ❤


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