What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

There’s a lot going on in the world today. We’re all having our own struggles with this, that, and the other. I find that writing about what’s bothering me, helps me so I’ve started this piece called, “What’s Eating Aunt Debbie.” Some things may not be that big of a deal, but it still bothers me. Some things you may or may not agree with and that’s fine. Don’t agree. I don’t care. Just move on to another blog. Rude comments will be deleted. It’s not that I can’t handle different opinions. I just get sick and tired of being slammed for MINE.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad WordPress has a spam filter! I guess idiots have nothing better to do than to seek out other idiots…but I’m not an idiot. I have a few words for those who leave spam comments:

*I am not interested in your Viagra, Cialis, or other sexual enhancement drugs. Nor am I interested in cheap antibiotics. In fact, I am not interested in anything you would try to sell me via a comment on my blog. If I want something, I know how to find it and I would buy from a reputable source, no matter what it is.

*If you are upset that I have “too many words” on my blog and “not enough photos” perhaps Where’s Waldo would be more appropriately suited for your IQ. There are many preschool picture books available, too. You can find them on Amazon or at Walmart, but maybe you should have a grown-up help you with that.

Image by levelord from Pixabay

*If you’re going to comment on my blog, it might get past the spam filters if the comment had anything whatsoever to do with the post you’re commenting on! Come on!

*And I have no idea what language this is: kflwgfywehkwiohfwkjefskjf BUT knock it off! Seriously. Are you just hitting keys on the keyboard?

Over 45,000 COVID-19 cases in one day in the US! That was last Friday! Wear a freakin’ mask and use social distancing! Social distancing was helping. Wearing a mask was helping. States started opening up (too early IMO) and now we are getting slammed with more and more cases; some record highs being reported.

EU will ban US travelers. Can you blame them? We don’t have a handle on the virus and we never will as long as people won’t take some responsibility. This isn’t just about the individual and individual freedom of choice! This is about our communities, our society, our future. Wear a mask and use social distancing. Stop going to parties, bars, the beach, and to Church. It’s just temporary, for cripes sake. Don’t be a baby.

Oh, and that music festival that’s being planned? The one they are calling “Herd Immunity Fest” – yeah, that’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve heard – no, I take that back. As long as Donald Trump is in office, every day I will hear “the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” If you think it’s a good idea for everyone to “just get the virus and be done with it” then you seriously need to read some personal accounts of how awful this virus really is!

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

To those who think you can get CO2 poisoning from wearing a mask or that the particles will still pass through a mask when you breathe out: If either of those were FACTS, then doctors and nurses would not wear masks during surgical procedures. Some surgeries last for hours. Think about it. If they could get CO2 poisoning from wearing a mask, they’d be passing out in the middle of surgeries! They wear a surgical mask “to prevent the passage of germs from the surgeon’s nose and mouth into the patient’s wound and to protect the surgeon’s face from sprays and splashes from the patient.” Granted, a cloth mask would be less protection than a surgical mask BUT it’s better than no protection at all. We should all be wearing one, especially where social distancing is not attainable. None of us know if we are ASYMPTOMATIC or PRE-SYMPTOMATIC unless we get tested. We’re all in this together. Why not protect each other?

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Well, that’s What’s Eating Aunt Debbie. Thanks for reading my blog! Have a great week! Until next time, I bid you adieu.

13 thoughts on “What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

  1. Amen Sista!!! I wholeheartedly agree with you on all you’ve mentioned. Especially since my little (not so little, he’s 25, 6’2 weights 218) got sick with this damned COVID virus, I’m all for wearing masks in public. Like seriously?!

    Then this weekend I got in an argument with my brother and he told me he’s a ANTI-VAXXER!!! I was furious because he said if they came up with a vaccine for COVID he wouldn’t let his kids get it. So I said, okay when you’re lying there dying of whatever disease you have and you ask me if they have a cure, I’ll say “yes they do, but your not getting it because you don’t believe in research medicine you stubborn asshole!”

    And this is my brother we’re talking about, not the sharpest tool in the shed but always kindhearted and thought had common sense. I think that gene skipped him, lol. As for the spam, I understand your frustration, although I don’t get so much of it thank goodness.

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  2. I agree with almost everything you said. Sorry to say I tend to lean more to the conservative side. But se la vie. Politics are bad. Yu have a great day.

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    • Knock on wood, in my county we’ve had only one positive case and surrounding counties just a few BUT I wonder how long will this last with virtually no one is wearing a mask? Eventually, it’s going to catch up to us and I will not be out there in the middle of it! It just really pisses me off to be blunt. I can’t go out and do anything that I was used to doing before. I need a hair cut and have resorted to cutting the front myself. Ugh. I always used to cut my own hair but being disabled kind of makes it more difficult. It’s been 108 days that Dad and I have been stuck at home. :/ Going a little stir-crazy!

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