Random Amusing Memories

Some of my best memories are of my kids as they were growing up, their friends, and my nieces and nephews. I really miss those days. I was younger, not disabled, and they were the best years of my life.

I’ve found myself being reminded of several events this past few days. I’ll see something on tv, read something, or see a photo that reminds me of something from the past. Sometimes it makes me laugh, and sometimes brings a tear to my eye. I’m sharing a few of those memories with you today.


My son’s first day of Kindergarten didn’t go as planned. He wanted to wear his new Batman flip-flops to school and I didn’t see a problem since the weather was still very hot. The flip-flops looked something like these pictured. Within 2 hours of being in school, one of the flip-flops broke. He was devastated. When I went to pick him up that day, his teacher told me that it ruined his entire day.

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That very same teacher, when my son was an adult and out of school, saw my son and I in the Walmart parking lot. She yelled, “Chuck, is that you?” My son yelled, “No!” I must have laughed for 30 minutes!

I recall one April Fool’s Day, my son and his then-girlfriend decided to play a prank, and it was a good one. I had no clue what they had done until mid-morning when I went to get a fork for my pancakes. I was completely shocked as the drawer was completely void of knives and forks! “What the hell happened to all the silverware?” I yelled. I walked into the living room and there they sat with smirks on their faces holding back the laughter the best they could. Suddenly, something caught my attention from above and I looked up. Lo and behold, every knife and fork we owned was taped to the ceiling!

Another April Fool’s Day, my son thought it would be pretty funny to hide the car. (He was old enough to know how to drive.) He moved the car behind the shed, out of sight. It was after lunch before I looked out the window and noticed the car was gone. I thought someone had stolen it!

I was 35 for 5 years before my kids did the math. Yesterday, my daughter pm’d me and asked what I would like for my birthday this year. I replied, “Oh fuck. Do I have to have another? I’m too fucking old already,” to which she replied, “What? You’re only 35!” Of course, I laughed my ass off just being reminded of those years when I got away with being 35 years old!!

From the ages of 6 to about 12, my daughter would wake up in the middle of the night, and sit with us in the living room. She always had this glossy-eyed, out-of-sorts look on her face, which told me she was sleep-walking AND that she actually got up to go pee. We would sit and carry on complete conversations with her, until I told her she should go to the bathroom. She would get up and go, and then head right back to bed. The next day, she wouldn’t remember a thing!

One time, my son and I were going to Walmart and it started to rain – POUR down rain – just as we got there. We decided to make a run for it. He was only about 4, so I was holding his hand. I hit a giant puddle of water and landed face-down, taking my son down with me. We got up, soaking wet, and my poor little boy looked up at me and asked, “Why’d you do that for, mommy?”

A friend of my son’s came over one day after school. I think they were in high school at the time. I don’t recall what we had that evening but the friend stayed for dinner. Afterward, he told me that he’d rather I take his plate to the sink, because he didn’t want to break our good China! It was very thoughtful of him but I assured him, they were Dollar Tree plates and definitely NOT good China…although they were probably made in China! We all laughed. It was pretty funny at the time!


Well, there’s a few random memories that are now documented in type, so I won’t ever forget…unless my blog gets deleted. Ugh. I’ll bet you have some pretty funny (and fond) memories, too.

8 thoughts on “Random Amusing Memories

  1. Ha! I love remembering things like that, lol. Although, my kids might tell you different. I use to be so paranoid that my youngest would get kidnapped while we were at Walmart. I would tell him to keep an eye out and to pay attention to his surroundings, especially since he’d like to just run off to the toy section. Of course I wasn’t convinced because he was, after all only 7 years old. So I thought I’d try and sneak up behind him and cover his mouth, you know like a kidnapper might.
    Well, I did, and he screamed so loud, but it was what he said that made me almost fall down laughing. He screamed “HELP, my MOM’s TRYING TO KIDNAP ME!!!!” The Walmart associate asked that I prove I was his mom…..yeah like that, lmao. But you taking your son down with you into a puddle, that’s downright child abuse, lol.

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    • Lmao! That’s hilarious! I love that story! Your kid was pretty damn smart. Lol.

      Yeah, I was accused of child abuse one time in the store. My son was about 3 and he was hungry and getting to be a pain in the ass. He was grabbing shit off the shelves and throwing them on the floor. He was poking holes in anything plastic. Finally, after nothing I said made a difference, I took him by the hand and went to swat his little ass and he dropped his weight so I ended up getting him in the lower back, but because he dropped his weight I pulled back on my swat so it barely made contact. Didn’t hurt him one bit. He didn’t even cry. Some big mess of woman came at me with accusations and I came un-fucking-glued! I reamed her a new one. I told her, “I suppose you let your kids run amuck in the store and act like total little assholes, don’t you?” Well, about that time 3 of her little spoiled brats came running down the aisle, knocking some crackers off the shelf, yelling, “Mom, mom!” I was very thankful for that moment because all I had to say was, “I REST MY CASE!” She never said another fucking word. Can you believe the audacity? :/

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      • Omg!! I hate people like that, mofos are the ones that only see the things others are doing wrong. I spanked my youngest in Walmart once, and it only took once for me to just look at him, snap my finger to let him know I wasn’t going to put up with his shit, lol. And I was joking about you abusing your son when you took him down with you in the puddle. It’s hilarious though 🤣😝😂.

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        • Lol. I know you were joking. 😀 My kids were pretty good most of the time. They rarely got spanked because they knew what they would lose if they didn’t behave themselves. It seemed to work if I took away tv or legos or something they really enjoyed. They normally responded to simple explanations of why they can’t “run amuck in the store” or “stand in the middle of the road.” Anyway, yeah people like that piss me the fuck off. I wish I could forget it, honestly, because it pisses me off every single time!

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  2. Your son breaking his sandals at school reminded me of my daughter going to the grocery store with us… she was about 4 or 5. And when we got out to the car she no longer had her favorite doll Emily with her. You would have thought it was the end of the world. Like your son’s day being ruined, my daughter was devastated until the doll was found. They can be very dramatic at that age. And it is sometimes hard to keep a straight face.

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