The Ex-Files – My 1962 Cougar

Back in the 80’s – I’m how old? – CP bought an old 1962 Cougar. He knew I wanted one, still do as a matter of fact. It wasn’t in bad shape but needed an engine. He said, “That’s no problem.” I was so excited! I love the sleekness of that car and I chose a ’62 because that’s the year I was born. Shhhh…you don’t need to know how old I am. Lol.

For my birthday that same year, he asked me to choose a color for my Cougar. He wanted to take me to pick out paint so that when he was finished fixing her up, he could also paint her. Note: If you missed my post,The Paint Job, you should check it out but be aware that my Cougar was purchased long before that fiasco.

I knew I wanted my Cougar to be a shade of purple, so when we went to the shop to order the paint, I was able to look through binders with many different color samples. That helped a lot. I chose a striking shade of medium-dark metallic purple. I could barely wait to see my purple Cougar and finally drive that baby! No one else had a purple car! I would be the envy of the entire town, I thought! (Actually, people would have thought I was completely bonkers because purple was not a cool color for a car back then.)

My Cougar had followed us from place to place as we moved, but CP never did a damn thing with it. He never bought an engine to rebuild. He never painted it. He never did anything. 10 years passed and it still sat. I had given up, no doubt.

As I was searching for a photo today, of a 1962 Mercury Cougar to share with you on this post, I became increasingly baffled! It appears that in the early 1960’s, Ford had a design contest. The winning design was originally called the Cougar but later became the famous Mustang that we are all familiar with! The Mercury Cougar (that I adore) in a much different design, came 3 years later. Here’s a photo of the original Ford Cougar – see the Cougar emblem on the grill? That is definitely NOT the car of my dreams.

Photo from:

Below is a 1967 Cougar and it is definitely the one I dreamed of having for so many years. I don’t know where I got my information about the year of the car. Most likely, from CP and I just took him for his word because I thought he knew cars. Hahaha. My Papa (paternal grandfather) had a Cougar in a kind of piss green. I wanted it so badly (and imagined it in purple) but I thought it was a ’62. The body design is just amazing, in my opinion! Maybe someday I’ll get my Cougar, ‘eh?

Photo Credit: GPS 56 from New Zealand / CC BY (

5 thoughts on “The Ex-Files – My 1962 Cougar

  1. I didn’t know you to be a classic car lover!?! That’s awesome my friend, and just like you, I have a dream car in mind too. Mine is a 69’ Chevy Camaro, because that’s the year I was born, lol. And because the 69’ is the baddest, heaviest, meanest car there is. I had one, when I was married my stupid ex and I would race at the local raceway. He had a 68’ Camaro, but mine had 454 big block engine. I ran the quarter mile in 14.6 seconds, not the best time but I was one of only three women racing. I still want a 69’, in pearl white with red leather interior. And the Camaro also had an imposter, like your Cougar. It’s the Pontiac Firebird, they look the same but they are DEFINITELY NOT the same car.

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    • Actually, I’m not really into cars. I just like my Cougar! I sure wish I had one. Camaros were awesome too, my friend! They did have some great looking cars back then. Nowadays, they just look so blah. Nothing spectacular about them. I never raced a car before but CP and I always went to the drag races and I really enjoyed the rail cars and funny cars! 😮

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