What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

I’m starting something new; perhaps not a weekly thing because there’s not always something eating at me, but bi-monthly sounds good to me. I’m sure I can come up with something new each time. It’s not as though I’m new to complaining! I snagged the title from one of my favorite movies, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Today, being Monday and all, sounds like a great time to start What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?


1. People are in an uproar over musicians and/or actors speaking up for a cause or voicing their political opinions. They seem to think because they are actors and/or musicians that they don’t have the right to speak up/out. I have read comments like, “Just do your job and shut the fuck up,” or “Who cares what you think?” Well, don’t they have just as much right to speak their minds as any lawyer, garbage man, postal worker, doctor, computer tech, etc.? Maybe everyone should just shut the fuck up and do their own jobs, then? Come on. It really gripes me when anyone is put down for having an opinion. That opinion doesn’t have to be the same as yours or mine. We’re all different. And the way I see it is, if a public figure (actor, musician, etc.) can actually speak out and help solve the problems of this world, then fucking let them.

2. Racism really sticks in my crawl. We are all the same inside. Our blood is red, our bones are the same. We all have the same dreams, the same problems, the same feelings about family and friends. There is no reason to use brutal force on a man who is handcuffed and on his belly on the ground. There’s no reason to put a knee on the back of a man’s neck, ultimately causing his death. There have been so damn many cases of unnecessary brutal force by police officers but still, the problem continues. I know that the majority of police officers are good but the bad ones are fucking things up for the rest. What the hell is wrong with people? I have to admit that several years ago when the Black Lives Matter movement began, I was one to say “All Lives Matter” and I regret that because I wasn’t getting the big picture. Then I read something that changed my mindset. “ALL LIVES WON’T MATTER UNTIL BLACK LIVES MATTER.” That has stuck with me ever since. I’m so sick and tired of people being mistreated or killed because of their skin color. If you’re a racist, then educate yourself OR kindly unfollow my blog and all of my social media accounts. I want nothing to do with you. (And that has nothing to do with a ‘difference of opinion’ but everything to do with racism and hatefulness.) Below is a graphic I made for my Facebook profile. You are free to use it if you like. Just save to your device like you would anything else.

3. I’m curious, folks. How many blogs do you follow and do you actually read them all? I feel guilty when I can’t read one of the blogs I follow. I try to follow only those I know I can read regularly, but sometimes I miss a post (or a few). Just know that if I follow your blog I will do my best to read your new posts as they are published.

4. On the subject of blogs, I have redesigned mine. Nothing spectacular but I wanted to switch things up a bit. If you’re reading this from the WordPress reader, you can click here to check out the new look and tell me what you think. I wish I could change text colors and I’m having trouble getting certain widgets to work, but I’ll figure it out eventually. Hahaha.

5. My computer is pushing its luck since yesterday. I think it wants to be pitched out of an open window or dropped from a high cliff. It’s responding slowly, sometimes taking 2 clicks to get it to recognize that I want it to do something. Usually when I have this type of problem, it’s done being fussy in a couple of days. I always think, maybe it’s doing updates. I check but there’s never any indication of that. I always run a scan to check for viruses, malware, etc., but PC Matic finds nothing. It does a great job at finding and removing crap that could really cause a problem. I am thankful for that. I suppose I just need a new desktop computer. I could use the laptop but it drives me bonkers, too. Maybe tomorrow the pc will be back to normal. Maybe it’s menopausal, like me.

6. Hot weather is creeping in. It was nearly 100 degrees the last 2 days! What gripes me is that every stinkin’ bug known to man always seems to find its way to my bedroom. I must spend 20 minutes before bed just smacking flies and spiders, scooping up beetles and throwing them out for the cats to play with, and damn near killing myself trying to capture crickets! If they would just stop jumping! I’m just thankful I don’t have a Praying Mantis problem!! Those things give me the heebie-jeebies!

Photo by Brandon Phan on Pexels.com


Well, there you have it. That’s What’s Eating Aunt Debbie! What’s eating you these days?

12 thoughts on “What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

  1. Hey there my friend, I am 100% with you on the #Blacklivesmatter issue, your right we’re all human beings and we all bleed the same. This shit is infuriating that others think celebs, on any scale or genre don’t have an opinion or shouldn’t say anything.
    Those motherfuckers are the ones that insist on speaking before they think. I’m so over the stupid people thinking only their opinion matters.

    I feel really guilty for not being able to read all the blogs I follow, and even more so since I started this new job. I literally have NO TIME during the day to do so and when I get home, I run (or try to) fix my lunch for the next day and by that time I’m exhausted. I haven’t posted anything to my own blog in more than two weeks, and you know that’s not like me, lol.

    I think you might need a new desk top my friend, yours may just be on the verge of giving out. Or I could be wrong because the IT guys here say older computers take longer to update.

    It’s been 103 the last week, over the weekend I couldn’t even feel my air conditioner and that sucks unless you have refrigerated air. Then you might be nice and cool but with regular old swamp coolers or in my case a supposed MasterCool, it sucks monkey balls….ugh. I want winter here already, lol.

    I’m sure all those bugs coming into your room at night are also trying to escape the heat as well. I hate bugs, of any kind they are just gross. My son hates moths and cockroaches, I once scared him with a rubber cockroach I found at the Dollar General and I swear I laughed so hard because I slipped it under his door and all I heard was “Oh hells no you bastard!” then he proceed to try and kill it by hitting it with his work boot. Then after like two minutes he figured out it was rubber, lol. I mean if we can’t punk our own kids who can we punk right? lmao

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    • Lmao! Thanks for the laugh! I visualized your son (even though I have no idea what he looks like) trying to smash a rubber cockroach! So funny! That’s another freakin’ bug I hate! They like warm, dar, wet areas and under our house is just that. Warm, dark, and wet. I wish we could move.

      I do miss reading your blog even though it’s only been a couple of weeks! I know how busy you must be and I hope the new job is going well and that you are starting to feel more comfy!

      Ah, stupid people. They’re everywhere. I saw something this morning that will make you chuckle! It said “Don’t try to argue with people on facebook. Every classroom had a kid who ate paste. That’s probably who you’re arguing with.” Lmao! So freakin’ true, yes? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Hey Deb,
    The new look is awesome. I really like the blues and purples. Very soothing. I have no idea how many blogs I follow. I should figure that out someday. It’s weird because it seems like people are posting less and less. Or maybe it’s just me. (says she who just got off hiatus!) Don’t get me started on the heat! One of our AC units (upstairs one) is down and we are all making do. Hot as hell and the upstairs seems to be sucking all of the cool downstairs air up, not to cool the upstairs — just so we don’t get to enjoy cool air downstairs. This may take another couple of weeks to get fixed. You make excellent points about BLM and people having the right to speak out. I wholeheartedly agree! In the meantime, we’re all just trying to stay cool in our house. Take care, my friend! Mona

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    • Thank you for checking out the new design! I’m glad it’s soothing to you. I love purples and I thought the subtle combo looked nice.

      We have window AC’s and a small house. The living room AC is an old one that uses more energy than the others so it will need to be replaced asap. When it gets real hot though, we use it to cool down the living room. There’s a bedroom off the living room so we turn that AC on and use a fan to help push the cool air into the living room. That alone usually keep the rest of the house cooled down. (My bedroom AC is almost always on in the summer if I’m in there!) Our electric bill during these hot months is normally just a little over $100 a month. I hope you get your AC fixed asap!! Have a great week, Mona. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Haha here you get to talk about what’s eating you, and in Weigh to be Healthy you get to talk about what you’re eating! As for the computer problem. Take a look at your activity monitor and see if there is anything that is sucking too much juice. Sometimes a program just won’t shut down till you do it there. Give a holler if I can be of any assistance!

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    • Oh, I know. I’ve checked all kinds of settings and programs, etc. I think there’s something odd going on deep inside, where I have no knowledge or experience. Most things I have fixed on my own and in most of those cases it was because an actual trained technician couldn’t figure it out and fix it. Smdh! Anyway, it’s running better today. Crazy damn thing!

      Yes, what a strange turnaround, ‘eh? Talking about what’s eating me and then talking about what I’m eating!! Lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. I just checked and I currently follow 66 blogs… right now I keep up with them and read all posts, I may get behind on prompts a day or two, but I eventually get them done. I agree 100% on the BLM statement. I too didn’t care for it when it first surfaced but you are right, All lives will never matter until black lives matter. I do have mixed feeling on the police situation. What the cop in Minnesota did was out right murder in my opinion. But my dad was a cop for 43 years and when the suspect is resisting it may take more than one officer to take them into custody. And then if they are messed up on drugs it creates a whole other list of problems. BUT I know there needs to be police reform. Just like any job there are good and bad employees – cops are no different. Absolutely ban the choke hold. And end the racism. I just don’t know how it can be done over night. And I don’t think we have much time left. (sorry, I rambled on so much!)

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    • Rambling is perfectly fine! I agree with you. It has to stop – all of it – but it won’t happen overnight. The majority of policemen are good, honest people with integrity. They serve and protect all people. Somehow, we need to weed out those cops who take things a bit too far. How can ANY man who is handcuffed behind his back and laying facedown on the ground cause enough resistance to deserve having a knee placed on the back of his neck that resulted in asphyxiation? It was horrifying to watch. I agree sometimes force is needed but it doesn’t have to be deadly force when the suspect has already been subdued. It’s so freaking hard for me to fathom that this crap still happens, time after time after time. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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