Oh, My Achy-Breakies!

I’m surprised I haven’t coughed my brains out by now. I started feeling a scratchy throat on Wednesday night. I felt pretty good on Thursday so we went out for some groceries. Since the weather has been colder and we already had a little snow, I figured we’d better stock up on water, canned goods, cat food etc., and maybe get Thanksgiving dinner staples just in case.

I held up surprisingly well. My pain level wasn’t too bad. Of course, it would have been a completely different story had Walmart not had a scooter available. Afterward, Dad and I were both exceptionally hungry, even though we had breakfast. He had cereal and I had oatmeal. Dad said, “If it wasn’t for your diet we could go have pizza at Vaccaro’s.” At that point, I was so hungry I didn’t give a crap about my diet. I quickly swerved over to the left turn lane, “Pizza, it is!” My weight-loss buddies won’t be happy with me, oops.

I went to bed early because I didn’t have my usual cat nap and I had that scratchy throat so I figured I’d better get as much sleep as possible. I felt ok other than the scratchy throat but once I laid down the coughing started and it wouldn’t quit. I hacked and hacked all night long. Then I got a chill that I couldn’t shake. No matter how high my ceramic heater was set, no matter how many blankets or how much clothing I put on. I don’t think I slept 2 hours all night.

Yesterday, Friday, I was like a zombie. No sleep makes for a lousy day. I couldn’t crochet. I couldn’t read. I tried playing Mahjong on the computer but my mind just wouldn’t (couldn’t) focus on anything. I even tried writing Friday’s Funnies to post as per the norm but I just couldn’t. I felt like I was a little drunk. I was achy and that chill persisted. I tried to nap but I was still cold and that damn cough!! Every single time I felt as though I was drifting off into sleep, I would start hacking again. I took a couple of Tylenol and at about 10pm last night, the chill lifted, the achy-breakies subsided, and I was able to crochet a little. I went to bed early again, hoping to sleep better than the night before.

I was in luck. I did sleep better with less coughing and I stayed warm. Today, I’m just one big, walking, coughing mess. I’ve been drinking hot tea with honey or hot tea with lemon, sometimes both. I’ve made my tea with slippery elm bark, as well. I’ve had my fill of chicken soup. My cough drops and lemon drops are nearly gone. It’s all just temporary relief…but so is the cough, so I guess I’ll survive!

photography of blue ceramic coffee cup

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

13 thoughts on “Oh, My Achy-Breakies!

  1. You poor thing! That sounds like more than just a cold. A touch of the flu maybe? It’s the fever that makes me wonder. And don’t worry about your diet buddies and the pizza. We love you no matter what you eat! We are here to support you no matter what your food choices are. The only one who might object is the scale. And a big meal here or there won’t hurt. It’s when you have a big meal here AND there that it becomes a problem. Haha!

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