Life Is Better With A Cat

It’s absolutely true except when they weave between your feet while you’re trying to put groceries away! One of these days I’m going to fall and as if that’s not bad enough in my condition, I just might land on one of them. That would absolutely kill me.

Another exception is when you have a floor scattered with grocery bags and they’re screaming at you to feed them because you’re an hour and a half late to feed them dinner. God knows they are starving to death with only a partial bowl of kibble left!

I suppose there are other reasons that cats (or any pet) can be a pain in the butt but we love them all the same. You know what makes it all better? The lovins. The purrs. The slow-blink stares. The moments you just get lucky enough to catch on video, like this silly moment of Jack chasing his tail. He stopped for a minute and I didn’t think he would do it anymore since I grabbed my phone but he did for just a second. It’s really hard to get them doing cute or funny things on video. It’s always easy to get photos of them being cute and innocent while they’re sleeping though.

17 thoughts on “Life Is Better With A Cat

  1. Last night, I had Merlin (our gray kitty) snuggled up by my ear and his purr was sooo loud! He’s getting old and his ears are constantly needing to be warmed up! He and the dog are learning to get along, and they are so entertaining! We’d be lost without them. You’re kitty is absolutely hysterical! Fun post! Mona

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  2. When I was still living with my parents one of their cat made me fall from the stairs, I was holding the hoover on one hand and a glass on the other so result was two broken ribs, one slashed hand but I saved the hoover though๐Ÿคช

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