My Empathic Heart Is In Pain

I’m having a difficult time connecting with friends I once connected with, or so I thought. Looks like their sense of what is right and what is wrong has been highly compromised by their support of Donald Trump.

Normally, I accept differences of opinion but this goes far beyond a difference of opinion. This is more about a person’s moral compass. This about another side that was tucked away; away from others, away from me. I’m seeing a side of people I never knew before.

I have to remove myself from these people, these friends, because they’re tearing my heart out. Their racist remarks make me think ill of them. Their lack of compassion towards others breaks my heart. Their willful ignorance of the facts and touting “fake news” because the mighty orange one said so makes me want to scream. Their sources of information come from websites/articles not even written by professional journalists and they seek only sources that agree with what they already believe to be true.

These friends, some I have known most of my life and others maybe a decade or more (or less) think the Muslim women in Congress should “go back to where they came from” and they totally disregard that these women are AMERICAN CITIZENS! A person’s religion or skin color does NOT make them unAmerican.

There are those who believe every government conspiracy that comes across their Facebook feed in a meme without any fact-checking. And I don’t mean fact-checking on fly-by-night websites either! To research the truth, one must go to multiple sources and use critical thinking skills. Oh, wait. Some folks aren’t capable of critical thinking! They take what they are fed. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the government, OUR government, is always truthful and transparent. However, just because you don’t understand how something happened doesn’t automatically shout cover-up!

Some friends believe that immigrants shouldn’t be helped. I know we can’t help them all, but the pure hatred some show and speak towards those fleeing from violence and oppression is terrifying to me. How can my friends be so hateful? And what about those affected by the hurricane in the Bahamas? Is there a reason why they shouldn’t be helped? They have nothing and we have everything!!

My empathic heart is in dreadful pain. It’s exhausted. I’m exhausted. I can’t bear to listen to or read another hateful word. So, I shall close myself off from those who cause me this pain. It’s bad enough to hear hatefulness spewing from a man who is supposed to represent this country. That man does not represent me.

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8 thoughts on “My Empathic Heart Is In Pain

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that friends you thought were compassionate people are not the people you thought they were. I have some online acquaintances/friends as well as some family members who seem to think like those people. It is sad to see them that way. All I can do is hope that they eventually see the light and change their ways of thinking. Because, we ourselves can’t force them to think differently. It would be futile and it is exhausting and not good for our own mental and physical health.

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  2. My dear friend, its harder on those who actually have friend that think we think the way they do. I understand exactly how you feel and because of that I’m running out of friends. By that I mean when someone gets to be too much both in attitude and meanness I’m like, nope I’m outta here. I’ve had people I’ve been friends with for decades and in just the last year I’ve cut three of them off. For several reasons, only one was a hatemongering “thumper” and you know what I mean by that. She is more Mexican than I am and she was going on and on about how we can’t and shouldn’t do anything for the people trying to come into our country fleeing theirs due to what you said, war, gangs or poverty.

    I told her she sounded like an ignorant idiot, and that was enough to start a fight, but I’m better off because I have made new friends, even if they are online and mostly bloggers but, I haven’t come across a hateful blogger yet. So hang in there my friend, sending you much love and hugs! 😉

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    • I knew you would get it. I am cutting people out left and right. I just can’t f*cking take it anymore. I really hate that this has caused such a problem friendship-wise. Basic differences of opinion don’t cause this much division and despair amongst friends. But DT has caused this – this nationwide epidemic of hatred and racism that is beyond description. Love & Hugs back to you, too! (Thank the Gods for blogger friends! ❤ )

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