Up On The Tower


I’ve been singing to Jack all day. Well, while he’s up on the tower anyway. Normally, the Pack would be out on the catio in the blaring heat (90’s+) but today it’s a mere 60 degrees and I think they’re all cold. yay for Autumn!

My little song (pfftt) goes something like this and in the tune of “Under The Boardwalk” by The Drifters, but of course, my version is lacking in lyrical composition. Haha!

Up on the tower,

I was havin’ a nap.

Up on the tower,

it was a welcomed break.

Up on the tower,

in from the cold.

Up on the tower,

I’m just a cat.

Up on the tower,

just takin’ my nap….


I continue with whatever pops into my mind and Jack doesn’t look very appreciative, does he?

Here’s the original and much more enjoyable song:


4 thoughts on “Up On The Tower

  1. That’s so adorable! He’s a gorgeous tabby! And it isn’t in a cat’s nature to declare how pleased he is, even if he secretly is! I love this! All loved ones (2 and 4-legged [and maybe other-legged or no legged but still loved]) should have songs of affection that we sing to them!) Even if some of us (me) can’t sing worth a damn! Mona

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