The NP & A Little Hope

I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised by my visit with a Nurse Practitioner today! I went in expecting to be pissed off upon leaving, but not this time! (Seems I always have problems with so-called professionals, so I wasn’t expecting anything positive!)

The NP agreed that I needed to have a TSH before she refilled my script. She surprised me when she asked how my pain medication was working. I told her that I can tell when I don’t take it, but it doesn’t work like it used to. I’ve been on it for about 6 years and I’m sure my body has built up resistance by now. She agreed. She asked me if I had ever tried anything else and my answer surprised her. I told her how I had tried to get something different from the doctor who prescribed my current meds and that she told me, “There isn’t anything else you can take.” THAT was complete bull squirt. I knew it then and it was confirmed by the NP today. She said that was a stupid thing for her to say. I agreed and told her a little about my background; I worked as a Medication Technician at a nursing home and I didn’t get that job because I was stupid. I got it because I worked hard, studied hard and trained. I may not know it all, but I’m sure as hell not stupid. So, I knew there were other medications for pain that I could try.

So, the NP switched up my medication to something else – also an anti-inflammatory but it works differently than my current medication. I am so relieved to have found someone who actually shows an interest in whether my meds are working for me and actually wants to help!

While I had her attention, I asked her about my sleeping problem. I’m lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep at night and it’s not restorative sleep by a long shot! It’s broken sleep. I might sleep for 45 minutes before waking up to reposition. If I’m lucky I might sleep a whole hour before waking. As if that isn’t bad enough, the intense pain I endure all day long makes my body so tense that it sometimes takes me 2 or 3 hours to even fall asleep. I’ve tried over-the-counter sleep aids and sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t. The NP seemed to understand exactly what I was telling her and suggested something that might help. She said it was originally an anti-depressant (technically still is) but it seems to help people with sleep more than it helps with depression. I’ll try it and if it helps me with the depression, too, then that’s a plus. My depression isn’t as bad as it used to be, thanks to my therapist, but it still resurfaces sometimes.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to the pharmacy tomorrow to pick up my meds due to the expectation of freezing drizzle, as they call it. But I’m excited to try something new! Maybe my everyday chores and personal care tasks won’t be so damn difficult for me.

I’ll even settle for a little less difficult….

12 thoughts on “The NP & A Little Hope

    • Thanks, Teri. I hope so too. Hey, I haven’t forgotten about our next lunch. The weather can’t seem to make up its mind and neither can my peeps who were going to come this month and then they weren’t and then they were…now it’s next month. Lol.


      • I know, right!? This weather is ridiculous! Just email or text me when you have a definite day in mind. So far, the 15th is the soonest I can set aside. Have a great rest of your evening! 🙂

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  1. It’s so awesome to have someone ACTUALLY listen to you, am I right? I’m telling you even our illnesses seem to be identical. I too have issues sleeping, although not like you do due to OA. I just think I may be on the verge of insomnia, not being able to sleep sucks monkey balls. I too was taking OTC sleep aids, but I went to my PCP and he prescribed Trazadone. Yep, meds for depression and as much as I was praying it would work, sadly it caused other side effects so I had to stop taking it. I’m up for a sleep study in a couple of weeks to see if that can come up with hey I have a hard time sleeping. I mean I can fall asleep, it’s staying asleep I have issues with. And I too just had that THS test done a few weeks ago, I got a different med prescribed because I had been on the same dosage forever and it didn’t seem to be working any more. I hope that your health gets back on track soon, sending lots of love and healthy vibes your way. Well as much as a flu ridden blogger can sent healthy vibes, lol. 😁😷😺

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    • Trazodone was the one she prescribed to help me sleep. She said most people don’t have any side effects and I hope I’m one of those people. I have enough problems. I don’t need any more ‘effects’ lol. Too bad you had problems taking it. I hope you get some help for your sleep issues soon. It sucks monkey balls for sure!! Feel better soon! ❤


  2. This is fantastic news! Be sure to let us know how the new meds work out. Our doc just left us and was replaced by an NP and she seems to know her stuff. I’ve had a few medical professionals tell me that many NPs are better than docs. They tend to listen more intently to the patient and tend to take the time to come up with creative solutions. I guess you found that today! Yay!!!

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