Ringing In The New Year

While most people were out celebrating at parties with friends and/or family, I was home with my Dad getting shit-faced drunk! Yep. You read that right.

We were in a bit of a predicament over the weekend. We were running very low on propane and that is our primary source of heat. The weather was bitingly cold and we were having to conserve as much propane as possible while waiting for the propane delivery guy. It’s the busy season and they are hauling ass trying to get to everyone — but as I write this, our propane has still not been delivered!

The temperature ranged from a high of 25 degrees down to a low of -10! I can’t recall ever having -10 degree temps in the 25 years I have lived here! It was a LONG weekend. We were bundled up, wearing the thickest, most winterized clothing we could find. We used the propane heat to warm up the house first thing in the mornings and then later in the evenings. In between, we used electric heaters which didn’t really cut the mustard. We were cold but we weren’t freezing.

Anyway, on a biting 9 degree New Year’s Eve, Dad and I decided to ring in the new year with a bottle of champagne and strawberry daiquiris! The alcohol lifted our spirits, warmed our innards, and made for some good story-telling and laughter!


13 thoughts on “Ringing In The New Year

  1. Ooohh! Strawberry daiquiris! I love strawberry margaritas, too. Can you message me your daiquiri recipe with me in FB? We had champagne here, too, but that was the only drink we planned on having. I always like to make a new cocktail each New Year’s Eve, but I just didn’t want to buy anything with too many ingredients in it. Originally, I wanted to make an apricot stone sour, which used to be my favorite drink before the strawberry daiquiri margaritas, but then I changed my mind and was going to try making a Lynchburg Lemonade which only has Jack Daniels, triple sec, lemon juice, and 7-Up/Sprite. But, then, the JD and triple sec would be sitting around here for a loooong time, because we don’t drink whiskey any other time of the year, with the exception of making hot toddies in case anyone has a really bad cold in the winter. I wonder how long whiskey can keep in a bottle. If we can keep it indefinitely, then I wouldn’t mind keeping it for the hot toddies in the wintertime. But, I’ve always worried about keeping cocktail ingredients around indefinitely, because I’m thinking they’ll go bad and will have to get tossed anyway.

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    • Honestly, I don’t think alcohol goes bad….does it? As for my recipe, I just bought a mix. Costs too much to be buying all kinds of ingredients! I always keep rum, long island iced tea mix, vodka, tequila and some half cans of cola and lemon-lime soda on hand. Oh and a bottle of grenadine and a bottle of Sunny D. That usually keeps me satisfied as far as booze. Lol. We always have beer on hand and of course, Dad’s nasty wine. Yuck. I hate wine really. Lol. Anyway, never had a hot toddy. Maybe I should get that recipe from you! 😉


      • The hot toddies I’ve only made consisted of making a cup of hot tea, and to that you add a shot of whiskey, a teaspoon of honey, and a squeeze of a lemon wedge. Pretty tame. lol

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      • What kind of wine does your dad drink? The only one that’s ever offended me was Mogen David. That stuff is sickeningly sweet. I don’t like thick wines. Now, you said you had champagne. Technically, champagne is a kind of wine. But, between white or red, I much prefer white wines. I prefer a wine that’s extra dry. I’m curious. What do you make with the Sunny D? Only thing I can think of is a screwdriver.

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        • I don’t like the taste of any wine and the smell is awful. I just had a sip of champagne as I don’t care much for it either. Dad drinks burgundy, paisano, cabernet or merlot. He doesn’t like sweet wines at all. I have made different versions of tequila sunrise with Sunny D.


          • Rod likes the same red wines your dad does. I totally forgot about a tequila sunrise requiring orange juice. Those are good, too.

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  2. I love the relationship you have with your Dad. You two seem to get each other through tough times. Glad the propane peeps finally got to your house…this years weather is nasty for so many. I am sorry I’ve been so quiet these days, have way to many irons in the fire but so much to get done. I’m here just yell HEY I need to chat..I’ll stop what I am doing. Stay warm, hugs and love. Jamie

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    • Thanks, Jamie. Yes, Dad and I have a good relationship. He still gets on my nerves, as I’m sure I get on his, but in the end, he is my best friend. I know you’ve got a lot going on lady!! I am here for you too, anytime! Love ya!


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