El Diablo or Just A Little Jealous?

Last night I was watching a little late-night tv when one of our cats decided to jump up on my lap. Korn (yes, that’s his name!) rarely gets on anyone’s lap – he’s just a ‘good ol’ boy’ and if you’re from ’round these parts’ (SW Missouri) then you’ll know what that means. I think. He just doesn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about much of anything…. except well, maybe chow time.

Anyway, Korn is on my lap gettin’ some lovin’ and here comes Kitty! Kitty has been a part of our family now for a little over a year. She’s an evil cat. (Her eyes actually glow red!) She’s lovable ONLY when she’s in a sound, sound sleep. (What were we thinking?!) She’s on the arm of the chair, looking at Korn, then looking at the vacant space on my lap, then looking back at Korn again. I could tell she wanted on my lap as well. So I motioned her to join us….patted the vacant spot on my lap as an invitation….she got the message. She jumps up on my lap and lays beside Korn. Immediately, she starts making this deep, guttural sounding growl and when I told her “No” and to “Hush” she hissed at me! She was showing her true colors that’s for sure! She never stopped growling and hissing until Korn got off of my lap and moved to the arm of the chair! But even though Korn had moved, every time I tried to pet her, she growled some more! Finally, before she could kill me or do bodily damage, I made her leave! Can a cat really get that jealous over another cat or is she truly “El Diablo’s Sister?”

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