I’m sitting here tonight, thinking about an old friend who contacted me this afternoon. A friend whom I have been hurt by before…..

She and I always had a lot in common BUT yet we are so different. Different is good, right?

It would be nice to reconnect; have a friend nearby to confide in, share my thoughts with, laugh with, cry with, get pissed off with. But I just don’t know if we can be friends again. It can never be like it was before. Or can it? I just don’t know if I can trust her…..

I don’t like to play games in any kind of relationship. If I say or do something to hurt someone’s feelings or make them mad, I expect them to be honest and tell me about it. I do not appreciate mind games, because when I realize what is going on, I lash out. I confront. I feel hurt. I feel betrayed. When she denies, denies, denies……I sever all ties.

How many chances should one give a friendship? This will be the third time for this friend and I. I have a weary heart and I don’t know if I have it in me to do it all over again.

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