ViewPoint Intro

I spent most of my childhood (and into my teens) being stifled by my mother. She always made me feel that I had no voice. I was told that since I was a child, I was to be seen and not heard. I was taught from a very young age that my opinions didn’t matter. Even when I was a teenager, I was chastised for having even an informed opinion. I was told that I didn’t know what I was talking about because I had no life experience. Ok, perhaps in some cases a young person (me included) wouldn’t know certain things for that reason, but does that mean a person can’t have or shouldn’t have an opinion? Apparently, that’s what my mother thought.

As an adult, my ex did the same thing to me but he did it in a sly manipulative way, being the narcissist he was. I felt like no matter what I said he’d have to correct me or question me in order to make me look like the dumb one. I had no voice of my own.

The internet has caused some major problems in that area as well. Every single time I share my opinion about something, someone always feels the need to inform me or use name calling while they tell me how wrong I am. I tend to get defensive! Can you blame me? Why can’t I just state my opinion and let it go at that? I have been told in the past that I’m “one of those people who need to be hanged” by someone who didn’t even know me. Even worse things have been said to me all because I had a different opinion!

The reason I’m writing this today is because I’m sure there are others who have felt the same or maybe feel this way right now. I have an idea that I’m working on that will allow people to state their opinion on certain subjects with the understanding that everyone will be respectful.

This blog series will be called “ViewPoint.” I’m still working out the details but once a week I’ll post a question regarding current events and I’ll share my opinion. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their opinion as well. There will be rules. The posts will be moderated, for obvious reasons. I want to create a safe place for people to use their voice!!! There will be no arguing, no name calling, no disrespect.

I’d like to know what you think, provided you’re respectful about it. So please be sure to comment below your thoughts! You can also use the Contact page to send me a private message. I look forward to your input!