Spike – A Novel (In Progress)

If you missed Chapter 1 you can read it here: Spike – Chapter 1


Chapter 2

“Where the hell is Elizabeth?” Howard Johnson was a very uptight, outspoken man in his late fifties. His silvery hair was as cold as his smile, when he had one, that is. He demanded an answer to his question immediately.

“I don’t know, Howard. Elizabeth will be home soon. She told me she was going for a walk. That was about an hour ago,” answered his wife Jennifer.

Jen was a beautiful woman with flowing blond hair and bright, green eyes. She was much younger than Howard, only 43 compared to his 57. Her fair skin and extraordinary smile seemed to make her look several years younger than she really was.

“She’ll be back soon, I’m sure. Don’t worry, Howard.” Jen tried to calm her grumpy husband down. She knew Howard’s temper and how he had to be in complete control of everyone and every situation.

“I want her home NOW!” He yelled explosively. “She will never leave this house again after dark. EVER!”

“Howard, please calm down. Elizabeth is growing up. She’s not a child anymore. She’s nearly an adult. Goodness, she’ll be 18 in 2 months. She has an awful lot to think about tonight. After all, Jeff proposed to her. You always taught your children not to take things lightly, to think things through before making decisions. That’s what she’s doing.” Jen paused to see only that her husband’s head was about to explode.

“She’ll be home by 11:00. That’s Spike’s snack time. You know how she adores that cat.” Jen tried to assure Howard the best she could without making him any angrier than he already was. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

“She will not marry that boy! He’s a nobody. How can he make my daughter happy?” He paused and seemed to fight back a tear.  “Even if he came from a good family I wouldn’t have it. She’s too young to get married.” He calmed down a little. “She’s probably down by that damn lake again. I’ll have to put a stop to that.”

That would be put to a stop, but not of Howard’s doing.


To be Continued…..

Spike – A Novel (In Progress)

Part One


Chapter I

As she walked in the moonlight, her blond hair glistened. She could see the water rippling toward the shore. What a beautiful night, she thought. The town of Sandy Oaks had some magnificent sights. This was one of them.

It was calm and quiet by the lake. Elizabeth loved coming here, even as a child. When something was bothering her she always took a walk in the late evening hours. She seemed lured to Lake Menaha. It was beautiful here all year long.

This particular Spring night, the moon was full and the stars seemed to be throbbing with life. The air was cool and comfortable. She could feel the breeze flowing through her thin cotton dress. Elizabeth needed this tranquility to make a very important decision.

Will I marry Jeff in June? What will I do about the baby if I don’t marry Jeff? I’m only 17. How can I keep the baby? Father won’t allow it, she thought. Mother will become instantly ill. What am I going to do? She stopped at the edge of the lake and sat on a large rock. I don’t love Jeff. I care for him, but how can I marry someone I don’t love? Why didn’t I protect myself? God, I know about birth control. What is wrong with me? I should just leave town, she thought. With the kind of money Father has given me over the years, I should have enough to go away and start over. Father must never know about the baby. I need to tell Jeff, though. It’s his baby. He has the right to know. He’ll want to know, won’t he? Well, the only thing I can do is leave town and have my baby. It’ll be nice, she thought, trying to convince herself that everything was going to be great. She stood up and looked at the sky. She smiled. She was proud of herself for making such an important decision on her own, without her father’s influence.


To be Continued…..