Pushing Through, Again

The pain new medication I started a week ago seemed like it was helping with the arthritis in my legs but wasn’t doing much for my knees. I had every intention of giving it at least 2 weeks, but after a week I realized the pain in my knees was worse. I was using the wheelchair for the last 2 days because the pain was so severe.

I didn’t sleep well last night due to a burning sensation in my knees and I woke up feeling like I could just take a nice leap off a cliff…. I didn’t like the depressed mood I was in. I called my NP as soon as the office opened.

She told me I could stop taking the Celebrex and that she would call in my Diclofenac, the pain medication I had been taking for the last 6 years or so. I realized it must have been working better than I thought. I was feeling its absence, most definitely.

I had some Diclofenac left from before I started the Celebrex so I took one at my usual time. Within 4 hours, I was feeling a little less pain. Now, it’s that time of the day when my pain level is higher and I have a harder time doing things, so I should be in better shape tomorrow morning. We’ll see. I will need to go pick up my prescription soon.

I am seriously tired of being in pain 24/7 but I keep pushing through it because the alternative is worse. I can’t give up. I can’t quit.