Mother & Family

Tonight my family took me out for dinner and some shopping. My family being both of my children, both of my grand children, my “other daughter” and my Dad. It was an early Mother’s Day gift as everyone was able to make it and Sunday would have been hectic with the Mother’s Day crowd.

We had a nice dinner at Chili’s and it was a good night for all. We laughed and chatted and the grand babies were especially good. Doodle Bug had a blast and everyone in the restaurant noticed her too. D.M. didn’t get noticed much because he was kind of hid between his mommy and grandpa. Doodle Bug was out in the isle in a high chair. She was laughing and carrying on with her silly faces, howling and sudden outbursts of laughter. She noticed some deflated balloons that were stuck on the ceiling above her. She kept looking up and grinning that big grin of hers. What a kick in the pants! The food and the service was great! We all had a good time.

My family gave me a very nice Mother’s day card with C.F.’s normal “congratulations” remark he writes in all cards, and a Walmart gift card stuffed inside. After we finished at Chili’s, we went shopping at Walmart. I had both grand babies in the cart and they were having a blast making loud grunts and listening to their voices echo down the isles. It was amusing. Doodle Bug left with her mommy and daddy. Toward the end, D.M. was getting tired of shopping and began grabbing things off the racks. That was our cue to get done and go home.

Nights like these make me realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. I mean, I know how great they are and I know they love and appreciate me. It’s just really nice to have a night out with them without the drama; without all the stuff that on most days compels me to rip my hair out by the roots. It was a night for Mother & Family.

Sick & Tired, Part 2

What’s with all the snow? I think my toes are going to freeze tonight.

I took care of Doodle Bug today and when I took her home the road was beginning to freeze over. Snow was coming down, and still is. I doubt anyone will be going anywhere tomorrow. Good thing we have supplies to last for a bit.

I’m really sick and tired of this cold, cold winter, although just thinking about the hot, humid summer not too far ahead of us just makes me want to pass out! I use to love the hot summers but that’s when I lived in California. The heat was dry, not humid like it is here in SW Missouri. Of course, I was a younger woman back then too!

I really like the Spring. Why can’t it be like Spring all year long? Is there anywhere in the world that’s like Spring all year long? I’m looking forward to the Spring. I want to take the grand babies to the park and to the zoo. I want to watch them run in their bare feet on the grass. I want to share with them my love of birdwatching. I can barely wait until we can bring out the toddler wading pool so they can splash and laugh and then cry when it’s time to come inside. I’ll be taking plenty pictures, that’s for sure.

I guess I’ll just have to be sick and tired of the cold until the Spring decides to pay us a visit.

Empty Spaces….

I’ve been thinking about my son, my “other daughter” and my grand daughter tonight. They have moved out and although they’re close, I will still worry about them. They’ve been living here since last July due to some very unfavorable circumstances. I have enjoyed having Doodle Bug here, no doubt, but I love my son and I feel closer to A.B. now. I’ve always loved her like a daughter but now that we have shared some maternal moments and lived under the same roof, it’s a much closer relationship and I am thankful for it.

My son, C.F., came by and packed up a few things tonight, things they left behind on Wednesday. He seemed in good spirits, perhaps excited about having his own place. It’s an exciting time for them. I pray he and A.B. will work together and be the best parents they can be to Doodle Bug. They can do it, I know they can. They’re young and inexperienced in this sort of thing but I’m confident they’ll figure it out. And I know that they will come to me if need be.

My house is slowly morphing back into the home it was before both of my children moved back home. There are a few empty spaces in my house now, but not for long. S.R. will move into some of those spaces that C.F. and A.B. left behind. With any luck, her stay here won’t be any longer than necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I love S.R. and I definitely love my grand son, D.M., but it would be nice to have my house and my life back to normal. I want her to have a place of her own. It’s just too bad that when she does move out, J. will be part of that equation.

Nothing good can come out of that. But, I don’t know anything, according to S.R. I have to step back and let her find out for herself that J. is very bad news. I don’t know that’s possible though, since he already turned her life upside down, and she still doesn’t see it. Perhaps someday she will see it and realize that sometimes I do know what I’m talking about.