Questions Answered

Last night, I posted a simple “Ask Me Anything” request and what I received was many questions from one blogger, Novus Lectio! I honestly didn’t think anyone would have any questions for me so to get this many from one person was a shock! These are great questions and I have tried to answer them all as best I could.

How old are you (between and between)?

I am 55 years old! I don’t care who knows my age so between and between is totally unnecessary.

Are you black or white?

I am white; I recently had my ancestry DNA test done and I am:

44.7% North and West European
27.2% Irish, Scottish, & Welsh
11.9% Scandinavian
12.9% East European
2.4% Balkan

.9% Nigerian

What size shoes do you wear?

Depends on the style, but normally 8 or 9.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as an outlet for my own feelings and thoughts. I had many things going on, including becoming a Grandmother for the very first time and things spiraled out of control after that. It was very cathartic. There are some very painful memories from back then and there was a long period of time where I didn’t write at all. Thankfully, things have improved since then!

In which part of the US do you live (east, central, west)?

I live in Missouri, which they consider a West North Central state. Missouri is in the Bible Belt, the Heartland as they call it.

Have you ever been abroad?

No, I have not.

What are your plans for the near future and the far future?

I’d like to get my knee surgery done (near future) so that I can grab my camera and (far future) go hiking and exploring, go to museums and malls and all the places that involve walking! I just want to walk! Walking is freedom!!

Have you tried foreign cuisine?

Not in a foreign land, I have not. However, I have tried Mongolian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican foods here in the US. The latter 3 are my favorites.

Have you ever eaten a couscous, stew, lasagna, tagine, chaloupas, borittos, poutine and choucroute?

Couscous, no. Stew, yes. I make beef stew at home. Lasagna, definitely! I make a killer lasagna with my own special homemade sauce. Chalupas and burritos, yes….but perhaps they are completely different here than in other countries. I have no clue what the others you mentioned are, so I will have to look them up!

What will you do if there was an earthquake?

I’m not sure I would be able to do anything. I have limited mobility so it would be very hard for me without help. Afterward, if I’m still alive I would pick up the pieces and move on.

What will you do if there was a tsunami?

Same as above…. It would have to be one humungous tsunami to reach me where I live!

Do you go to Church?

No. I find there are far too many hypocrites within the world of religion. I prefer to follow my own path. I have Pagan views and beliefs.

Will you ever go to a synagogue or a mosque?

No, because there are no such places where I live.

Have you ever read the Quran?

No, I have not.

Have you ever read the Bible?

Not in its entirety.

Do you prefer ebooks or paper books?

Paper books; easier on the eyes.

Which is your best experience in a hotel/motel?

One time, my sister and I stayed in a hotel and it was a blast! We jumped on the bed, and ate snacks, and talked and laughed all night long.

What kind of car do you like?

Any car that is quiet, comfortable, and gets good gas mileage.

If you were suddenly a millionaire what would you do?

I would have a new house built to my specifications, buy a new car, build an outdoor shelter for lost and found animals, and I would help my family and friends. I would also donate to local schools and shelters to help my community.

Who would you like to be for 24 hours?

That’s a tough question! I have no clue really. No one else’s life really excites me much. (Maybe I could be someone who could knock some sense into our current POTUS.)

Which is your favoured blog?

I have many favorite blogs…. I could never choose just one! I prefer those who write about personal experiences because many times, I can identify and it’s great when you find others who have the same thoughts, feelings, etc. There are 2 blogs that I enjoy that are really out of character for me because I am NOT a religious person, nor am I a politically minded person. I enjoy these two nonetheless: Right Off A Cliff by Allen Clifton and Stuff That Needs To Be Said by John Pavlovitz.

Do you plan something else for your blog?

I have many ideas in my notebook that I will write about someday. Perhaps I will also do a “Guest Writer” segment. I’m sure I will be inspired by someone or something eventually. Maybe I’ll come up with something never done by anyone else before me!

Why don’t you advertise your blog in the community pool?

Not sure what “community pool” you speak of but I share my posts via my personal Facebook page and my blog Facebook page. I interact as much as I have time for with other bloggers. I don’t pay for advertising because I’m on a limited income and couldn’t care less if my blog reaches more people. It is a personal blog and those who are interested will find it and read it.

Are you wealthy?

Heavens no. I am disabled and on a fixed income.

Are you a calm person or do you lose control?

I am calm mostly but I get irritated easily at times. I also have anxiety issues, a result of a few unfortunate experiences. I always stay in control of my emotions until I’m alone.

What do you do in the afternoons?

I’m usually reading, writing, or doing chores around the house. I might do some crocheting or jewelry making, but normally I do those in the evenings.

Do you like your neighbors?

Yes. Thankfully, though, I live in rural Missouri and my closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away! I have lived in cities where my neighbors were so close that I could hear TOO MUCH!

Do you have enough of my questions?

I’ll answer any questions you have! Bring it on!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever heard?

Goodness, that would probably be one of the many, many things my Dad has said over the years. I couldn’t possibly pick just one. Take your pick on my post Shit My Dad Says.

Who do you hate most?

Sexual predators!!

Who do you love most?

My family; kids, Dad, sisters, grandkids!! My cats and other pets we have had over the years too, like dogs, ferrets, rats, an iguana, hamsters… I love the entire crazy bunch of them (family and pets) more than anything in the world.

What if there was no more meat?

Well, then I would be eating many, many veggies! Portobella mushrooms are very meaty and delicious so many of those, and other mushrooms. Beans, peanut butter, other nuts, and seeds, yogurt also very good protein choices.

Can I see a picture of you?

Yes, I have posted a pic on my About Me page.

How many cats do you have left?

I have 5 cats now. Possibly within the next year, I will have to say goodbye to my now oldest female. She will be 16 in April. Then I will have 4.

What will you do when all your cats…..?

I will probably always have at least one cat. I will most likely die with a cat by my side.

Do you have plants?

Outside, yes. LOL! With cats in the house, it’s difficult to keep anything like a plant!

Do you smoke?

I use to. I quit Oct. 2014.

Are you tall?

Nope. I was considered tall as a child. I was one of 3 or 4 of the tallest kids in class. You know how they take class pictures? They’d put the taller kids in the back, shorter ones in front. I was always in the back row. I stopped growing at 5’3″ and now I’m 5’2″ because of the damage to my knees.



Were you scared?

I don’t scare easily.

Did you consider adopting a child?

No, but I would have if I had not been able to conceive.

How is your weight doing?

Still working on it! Thanks for asking. I was watching a show called “My 600-lb Life” and it always helps me stay on track. I really feel bad for those people who weigh 600+ pounds. I can’t imagine ever eating that much or weighing that much! At my heaviest, I wasn’t even half of what they weigh.

Do you have short or long hair, which colour?

I have short hair now. It’s dark blond with some grays coming through! Up until just 2 years ago I always wore my hair long but I got tired of it and at my age, wearing a ponytail every day seemed so childish! So, I keep it short and it’s much easier to deal with!

So, there ya have it!

Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything

I thought I’d try something new. I’ve never done this before so hopefully, it won’t be a total flop.

In the comments below, ask me anything you want to know about me, my life, or my blog. Anything at all, but if it’s too personal I may decline to answer. I will try to answer each and every question in a timely manner. Thanks!


Things I Love A – Z

So, here I sit tonight, trying to stay warm. It’s below zero and the house is cold; I’m in my room with the door closed and a heater going to keep the cold to a minimum but in this very old house it’s next to impossible. My pain level is up but not as bad as it was this morning. I can function with pain down to temps as low as 25-30 degrees but anything less is difficult.

I was bored so I thought why not write a post that tells people more about me and my likes. So, an A – Z post is what I came up with!

A – Animals, apples, artichokes, avocados, angels, acrobats, adoption, adventures, and accomplishments.

B – Babies, bacon, butterflies, birds, bonfires, backpacking, bubbles, blogging, and bats.

C – Cats, castles, chocolate, campfires, camping, cheese, crocheting, conversations, and computers.

D – Daughter, Dad, dragons, driving, dusk, darkness, discoveries, dessert, and deer.

E – Evenings, elephants, eagles, education, eggs, encouragement, encyclopedias, enthusiasm, equality, and entertainment.

F – Fall, friends, family, fiction, fireworks, folklore, freedom, friendliness, fruit and frosting.

G – Grandsons, Granddaughters, giggles, giraffes, Google, gadgets, generosity, and grapes.

H – Honey, ham, honesty, handwritten notes, humor, handcrafted gifts, heroism, helpfulness, hobbies, hiking, and hawks.

I – Ice cream, ice hockey, iced tea, intelligence, independence, intellect, Ireland, and information.

J – Joy, journeys, jokes, journaling, justice, and jelly. 

K – Kittens, keepsakes, kindness, and knowledge. 

L – Laughter, love, landmarks, literature, legends, lyrics, lather, and loyalty.

M – Music, musicians, moonlight, monkeys, morals, mythology, mountains, Mexican food, museums, movies, magic, manners, memories, and medieval history.

N – Nature, neatness, naps, nuts, novelties, novels, nutrition, nourishment, nieces, and nephews. 

O – Opossums, otters, objectivity, oddities, opals, Olympics, opportunities, oranges, outdoors, and owls.

P – Pizza, pepperoni, peanut butter, pepperoncinis, pretzels, pickles, puzzles, politeness, peace, purple, psychics, promises, patience, photography, passion, privacy, and a cat’s purring.

Q – Quiet, queens, quilts, and quotes.

R – Rats, roadrunners, rabbits, radios, reading, rain, recipes, roses, rivers, refunds, rest, relaxation, rum, and respect.

S – Son, sisters, Scotland, snow, Spring, shrimp, sweaters, slippers, spicy foods, squirrels, sunshine, scenery, sincerity, sleeping, spirituality, safety, and soup. 

T – Tequila, tacos, trust, treasures, tenderness, theology, thunder, treats, trivia, trout, thinking, thunder, and thoughtfulness.

U – Umbrellas, understanding, uniqueness, unity, and usefulness.

V – Vampires, velvet, vacations, vegetables, value, and vulnerability.

W – Walnuts, writing, winter, walks, weirdness, warmth, whiskers, whispers, wilderness, wisdom, wishes, wit, and words.

X – The xx’s and oo’s that stand for hugs and kisses and sending them to you for getting this far in this ridiculous post! 

Y – Yarn, Yule, and yesterdays.

Z – Zebras, zippers, zeal, and zest.


15 Things About Me You May or May Not Know…. Do You Really Want To Know??

I am reluctant to write this post for fear off coming off as arrogant. It just feels odd to write a personal “about me” post. But, my therapist has told me time and time again to step out of my comfort zone! So here I am and here’s my list of 15 things you may or may not know about me.

  1. I despise people who claim to be Christian but are actually very hypocritical and self-righteous. They present themselves as good and honest but yet they say and do exactly the opposite of what Jesus would do. If you’re going to “talk the talk” then you’d better “walk the walk” is what I say, and very few actually practice what they preach.
  2. I am opinionated, but if I research something or someone helps me to see something I hadn’t seen before, I can and do sometimes change my mind. I tend to form opinions using common sense and logic, rather than political party, religious affiliation or anything else.
  3. I try to be honest and treat people with kindness even when they may not deserve it. I was raised to be respectful of other people, but sometimes when I’m disrespected I let ’em have it!
  4. I swear like a sailor. It relieves frustration. I do have class, though. I don’t just go around blurting out my favorite “F” word in public, on the internet, or if I have guests, although I have slipped a time or two especially when provoked.
  5. I have chronic pain and mobility issues. Many people don’t understand what people with chronic illnesses go through on a daily basis. Everything is a struggle; everything is exhausting. Research “The Spoon Theory” and you will find a very understandable explanation of what it’s like to live with chronic pain.
  6. I have two grown children, male and female, ages 27 and 30 respectively. I have 3 grandchildren, two boys, and one girl.
  7. I use to love to cook and I still would if it weren’t for my pain and mobility issues. I love Mexican food, Italian food and pretty much anything that is spicy!
  8. I live in the Bible Belt of SW Missouri and I don’t fit in. I have more Pagan views than anything else. Most people here are Christians.
  9. I try not to judge people. Everyone has a different journey; everyone has to make different choices in their lives. While I try really hard to NOT be judgmental, I can be at times and not over the things you might think. I don’t care about sexual orientation, religion, or color of skin. (A person’s character is more important to me.) What I will judge someone on is, if they leave a small child in a car (hot or otherwise) for 2 hours. Things like that tell me that a person is a worthless POS and doesn’t deserve children. HOW on EARTH can anyone forget their child is in the car?? I will damn right judge you if you don’t put your children first, all the time!
  10. I listen to hard rock, metal, classic rock, and Celtic music. I almost always have music playing. Music can change my mood from shitty to happy in an instant. Music brings back many memories; some memories I’d like to forget, but past experiences (good and bad) make me who I am. I may not like ME sometimes, but what else can I do but carry on?
  11. My favorite sounds in the world are babies (or small children) laughing, and cats purring!
  12. I am contemplating writing a cookbook, but I have so many recipes it’s rather overwhelming!
  13. I love Medieval History and castles, especially the castles of Scotland!
  14. I love to write although I don’t think I’m particularly good at it.
  15. I have 6 cats and would have more if it weren’t for my disability. It’s difficult the way it is taking care of the 6 I have.

So, I don’t know how any of this sounds to an outsider. I may sound like a complete a**hole. I don’t know. If you want to know more about me, then feel free to ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer!