Things I Love A – Z

So, here I sit tonight, trying to stay warm. It’s below zero and the house is cold; I’m in my room with the door closed and a heater going to keep the cold to a minimum but in this very old house it’s next to impossible. My pain level is up but not as bad as it was this morning. I can function with pain down to temps as low as 25-30 degrees but anything less is difficult.

I was bored so I thought why not write a post that tells people more about me and my likes. So, an A – Z post is what I came up with!

A – Animals, apples, artichokes, avocados, angels, acrobats, adoption, adventures, and accomplishments.

B – Babies, bacon, butterflies, birds, bonfires, backpacking, bubbles, blogging, and bats.

C – Cats, castles, chocolate, campfires, camping, cheese, crocheting, conversations, and computers.

D – Daughter, Dad, dragons, driving, dusk, darkness, discoveries, dessert, and deer.

E – Evenings, elephants, eagles, education, eggs, encouragement, encyclopedias, enthusiasm, equality, and entertainment.

F – Fall, friends, family, fiction, fireworks, folklore, freedom, friendliness, fruit and frosting.

G – Grandsons, Granddaughters, giggles, giraffes, Google, gadgets, generosity, and grapes.

H – Honey, ham, honesty, handwritten notes, humor, handcrafted gifts, heroism, helpfulness, hobbies, hiking, and hawks.

I – Ice cream, ice hockey, iced tea, intelligence, independence, intellect, Ireland, and information.

J – Joy, journeys, jokes, journaling, justice, and jelly. 

K – Kittens, keepsakes, kindness, and knowledge. 

L – Laughter, love, landmarks, literature, legends, lyrics, lather, and loyalty.

M – Music, musicians, moonlight, monkeys, morals, mythology, mountains, Mexican food, museums, movies, magic, manners, memories, and medieval history.

N – Nature, neatness, naps, nuts, novelties, novels, nutrition, nourishment, nieces, and nephews. 

O – Opossums, otters, objectivity, oddities, opals, Olympics, opportunities, oranges, outdoors, and owls.

P – Pizza, pepperoni, peanut butter, pepperoncinis, pretzels, pickles, puzzles, politeness, peace, purple, psychics, promises, patience, photography, passion, privacy, and a cat’s purring.

Q – Quiet, queens, quilts, and quotes.

R – Rats, roadrunners, rabbits, radios, reading, rain, recipes, roses, rivers, refunds, rest, relaxation, rum, and respect.

S – Son, sisters, Scotland, snow, Spring, shrimp, sweaters, slippers, spicy foods, squirrels, sunshine, scenery, sincerity, sleeping, spirituality, safety, and soup. 

T – Tequila, tacos, trust, treasures, tenderness, theology, thunder, treats, trivia, trout, thinking, thunder, and thoughtfulness.

U – Umbrellas, understanding, uniqueness, unity, and usefulness.

V – Vampires, velvet, vacations, vegetables, value, and vulnerability.

W – Walnuts, writing, winter, walks, weirdness, warmth, whiskers, whispers, wilderness, wisdom, wishes, wit, and words.

X – The xx’s and oo’s that stand for hugs and kisses and sending them to you for getting this far in this ridiculous post! 

Y – Yarn, Yule, and yesterdays.

Z – Zebras, zippers, zeal, and zest.


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