El Diablo or Just A Little Jealous?

Last night I was watching a little late-night tv when one of our cats decided to jump up on my lap. Korn (yes, that’s his name!) rarely gets on anyone’s lap – he’s just a ‘good ol’ boy’ and if you’re from ’round these parts’ (SW Missouri) then you’ll know what that means. I think. He just doesn’t give a rat’s you-know-what about much of anything…. except well, maybe chow time.

Anyway, Korn is on my lap gettin’ some lovin’ and here comes Kitty! Kitty has been a part of our family now for a little over a year. She’s an evil cat. (Her eyes actually glow red!) She’s lovable ONLY when she’s in a sound, sound sleep. (What were we thinking?!) She’s on the arm of the chair, looking at Korn, then looking at the vacant space on my lap, then looking back at Korn again. I could tell she wanted on my lap as well. So I motioned her to join us….patted the vacant spot on my lap as an invitation….she got the message. She jumps up on my lap and lays beside Korn. Immediately, she starts making this deep, guttural sounding growl and when I told her “No” and to “Hush” she hissed at me! She was showing her true colors that’s for sure! She never stopped growling and hissing until Korn got off of my lap and moved to the arm of the chair! But even though Korn had moved, every time I tried to pet her, she growled some more! Finally, before she could kill me or do bodily damage, I made her leave! Can a cat really get that jealous over another cat or is she truly “El Diablo’s Sister?”


I’m sitting here tonight, thinking about an old friend who contacted me this afternoon. A friend whom I have been hurt by before…..

She and I always had a lot in common BUT yet we are so different. Different is good, right?

It would be nice to reconnect; have a friend nearby to confide in, share my thoughts with, laugh with, cry with, get pissed off with. But I just don’t know if we can be friends again. It can never be like it was before. Or can it? I just don’t know if I can trust her…..

I don’t like to play games in any kind of relationship. If I say or do something to hurt someone’s feelings or make them mad, I expect them to be honest and tell me about it. I do not appreciate mind games, because when I realize what is going on, I lash out. I confront. I feel hurt. I feel betrayed. When she denies, denies, denies……I sever all ties.

How many chances should one give a friendship? This will be the third time for this friend and I. I have a weary heart and I don’t know if I have it in me to do it all over again.

They’re Baaaack!

The rednecks came to get that camper tonight. I was actually shocked to see them. I figured that POS would be in our yard until we got rid of it!

First, they pulled up in a junky LOUD pick-up truck and naturally, drove through the yard again. I know they would have had to anyway, in order to hitch the camper to the truck BUT they could have at least asked first. Especially since they just got their butts chewed out a few days ago.

I sent my daughter out there to gather up my dishes and silverware that she took out there weeks ago. She came back in with a plate, 2 bowls, a pitcher and a fork and knife that were so nasty dirty that they were stuck together! No lie! One of the bowls was covered with mold and it made me sick. My pitcher had some kind of dried, smelly drink residue in the bottom. It was disgusting. I felt like just throwing it all in the garbage! Instead, I bitched about it A LOT and cleaned everything with vinegar, Dawn dishwashing liquid, and then again with vinegar and a soapy, tea tree oil spray I made myself. Then after a good scalding hot rinse I was satisfied it was clean. Maybe. LOL.

What’s sad here is the fact that my child didn’t think anything of it! I don’t know why she thinks this type of thing is acceptable or “normal.” As a small child she picked up everything that wasn’t in it’s proper place and put them back where they belonged! She always wanted to wash the tables off at fast food restaurants! She freaked out if there was food under the table. If there was trash laying about at the park, she would clean up before she went to play! What the heck happened?

About the moldy dish she says, “It wasn’t like that until after the storm, Mom.” Yeah, like the storm made the bowl moldy and the silverware stick together? Give me a break.

When the rednecks finally got the camper all folded back down (as best they could) they hitched it to the pick-up truck and drove off. It was funny because I could visualize things falling out of the camper on their trek down the road!

I could kick myself hard for not taking a picture! It truly was a sight.


The phone rang this morning and woke me up. I didn’t sleep well last night so I was a bit annoyed. Turned out to be the Drs. office with an appointment for C.F. to see an orthopedic surgeon. Honestly, I never expected to hear back from them which is why I made an appointment with another Dr. to get a referral. I figured it would probably be quicker. Now I have to cancel it. But that’s ok because he now has the appointment he has needed since the 5th of this month. He’ll finally get the medical attention I’ve been trying to get for him for the last 11 days. Problem is the appointment isn’t until the 22nd!

Rude Rednecks

Last night, I was minding my own business, watching my soaps that I had taped during the day, (I tape them so I can watch in PEACE) when there was a knock at the door.

It was J., S.R.’s boyfriend. S.R. had already gone to bed. I thought she was still awake so I went and told her he was here. She went outside with him and I didn’t know what was going on, so being concerned about my daughter I went outside. My son, C.F. and his friend A.S. were already outside.

Apparently, J. came with a friend of his to clean out the camper (haha, that was destroyed by the storm the previous night) so they were out there salvaging his stuff. OK, fine.

The thing is, S.R. told him about it early that day when she realized the camper had been damaged. He should have come during the day, not at night. It was almost 11 pm. My dad had already gone to bed and they were outside making all kinds of noise. Slamming and banging. Dropping and pounding. It was very rude of them to even show up this late. Rednecks. They haven’t got a clue.

The day before yesterday, they showed up during the day to drop some of J.’s stuff off at the camper BUT the losers decided to just drive through the yard, through the garden area and all the way around the back…without even asking if it was ok. Granted, we live out in the country but we like our yard to look half way decent.

S.R. says “Mom normal people don’t think about things like that.”

I said, “NO! Rednecks don’t think about things like that. Normal people don’t drive through other people’s yards!” Needless to say, she was pissed at me, yet again!

I should have expected that they would show up late and make all that racket. I sure as hell can’t expect common decency! I sure hope S.R. comes to her senses soon before I go completely gray and end up in a nuthouse.