Personality Rules!

Daily writing prompt
Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

Personality means more to me than social status, looks, money, religion, or anything else. No one has the same personality as another person. We are all different. 

When I ‘click’ with someone, it’s not their financial or social status, their looks, or anything else that draws me to them. It’s their personality! It’s also what turns me off; If you’re an asshole, then I won’t be drawn to you. Period. 

We all possess a combination of traits that make us unique. If we were all the same, life would be boring. 

4 thoughts on “Personality Rules!

  1. Exactly my friend, I couldn’t have said it better myself. If I have to remember how you and I became blogger buddies I’d have to say it was our sense of humor. We both have a similar sense of humor and then we “clicked” and that was it!!

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