Changes? What Changes?

Daily writing prompt
How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?


For me, things are about the same now as they were pre-pandemic. Being disabled and unable to work, I only went out for groceries and appointments. Dad and I would eat out once a week and sometimes I would eat out with a friend.

When Covid-19 hit, we stayed home and only went out for medical appointments. We sometimes hit the drive-thru at the liquor store just to keep Dad’s supply of wine stocked. I ordered food online; Schwan’s, Nutrisystem, HMR, and anything that could be shipped I took advantage of. I ordered from Walmart, Target, and Dollar General. I ordered produce from a company that shipped every 2 -4 weeks. My son brought me meat and cheese items on occasion. I discovered late in the game that our local Walmarts were now offering curbside service so I started using that. 

Now, we go out only for appointments and curbside orders at Walmart. Afterward, we usually eat out. I still order Schwan’s and Nutrisystem when I can afford it. HMR is up and running again so I can order from them. That’s about it these days. Dad’s health is declining and mine ain’t so hot either. Staying home and away from people is fine by me. No adaptation required. 

Covid is still out there and we get our boosters every 6 months. We wear a mask when required, and sometimes when there’s a crowd or if someone is sick we don our masks. I’m waiting for it to get bad again. It wouldn’t surprise me if something worse came along. It will happen, eventually.

2 thoughts on “Changes? What Changes?

  1. I am more aware of others coughing around me, but as long as i keep on top of my boosters I am not too concerned. Like you, aside from the doctor I didn’t go out a lot before and I still don’t.

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