The Saga of Jack and BobCat

These little shits are driving me insane.

In October, we took BobCat (above, right) to the vet and had him neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and had his ears treated for earmites. We just wanted to give BobCat a better life than being outside and exposed to the weather, the road, and wild animals. When we brought BobCat into the house, to my surprise, Jack (above, left) and BobCat didn’t fight as I expected. But, that only lasted about a week. Then, all hell broke loose. Every chance he got, Jack would attack BobCat. It was so stressful. We had to be on the lookout all the time. Jack finally settled a bit, but we still had to watch. At night, we locked BobCat up in the small bedroom we refer to as the cat room. All was peaceful at night with the exception of BobCat playing with his toys or kicking cat litter all over the place. But that changed…

Fast forward about a week ago, BobCat started going berserk at night in the cat room. I mean, literally tearing the room up! It sounded like he was climbing the walls and throwing himself against the door! He made so much racket, I couldn’t sleep. (I sleep in my power chair which is right next to the cat room!) I didn’t sleep for 2 nights because of this so the 3rd night, I threw BobCat outside. It was finally quiet. But that didn’t last either.

After a few hours BobCat was throwing himself against the front door wanting in. I tried to ignore the noise. When he didn’t get any response, he went around to the window, then the next window, and so on. Then he was back at the front door. Holy crap.

The next night, I just let BobCat run loose in the house. I told him, “If Jack kicks your ass, it’s your own damn fault.” Things were peaceful with a few exceptions. As long as BobCat stayed in my chair (on me) or in Dad’s chair, then Jack ignored him. But as soon as BobCat decided to get up and play, eat, or use the litter box, Jack decided to give him a hard time. So, I’m losing sleep every night.

Oh my gosh, I am so exhausted! I can’t function without sleep. Having chronic pain and mobility issues is bad enough! I just can’t take much more. I’m at the point where I’m ready to find BobCat a new home and that makes me sad.

Last night, I guess I was so exhausted I fell asleep fast and slept hard. I didn’t wake up until almost 9am this morning. I feel so much better! With body and mind rested, I can function somewhat…and that’s still not much considering my pain and mobility issues never go away.

I don’t know how many times Jack (above, left) kicked BobCat’s (above, right) ass last night, if at all, but they are both still alive and well. I would ask them, but I’m sure they won’t answer.

4 thoughts on “The Saga of Jack and BobCat

  1. Oh my friend, I know you wanted to welcome BobCat into your feline family. He’s probably a lot happier than he’s been, ever. But having two alpha male cats in one house isn’t easy. Poor BobCat, I sure hope you are able to find him a good, loving home 🙏💜🤞.

    I too have started caring for an older feral stray that comes around my house. I named him Loki because he just looks to get into trouble, lol. He barely started letting me pet him without running away or hissing. And Charlie goes bananas when I’m outside with Loki. But Loki’s an older cat who looks like he’s lived a rough life and I don’t mind taking care of him. Charlie wants to go outside all the time but I can’t let him out because there’s a gang of feral cats in our neighborhood and since he’s a posh inside cat now, I know he couldn’t hold his own anymore. His fighting, cat gang leading days are over, lol.

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    • Poor Charlie! I know Jack is in the same position. He can’t go outside anymore and he hates it. He sure holds his own inside though. Poor BobCat can’t do anything without getting his butt kicked. I let him out during the day just so he can get some exercise and feel like he doesn’t have to watch his back. I’m glad Loki has you to look after him. I just wish more people would be responsible for their pets. 😩

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