Dreams – Driving Me Crazy Night After Night

Doesn’t everyone dream at night? My dad says it’s just “our tapes” running wild and they don’t mean a thing. Some folks put a lot of stock into the meanings of their dreams. I don’t know where I stand on the subject. Mostly because my dreams are absolutely beyond ridiculous! How could something ridiculous mean anything at all?

A few nights ago, I dreamed that an Asian woman went to the police for help because her pet cow went missing. She swears that her neighbor from 2 doors down knows something. The pet cow is about the size of a medium-sized dog. He’s white with golden brown patches and eyes of golden brown too. He has kind eyes and is a very sweet cow. He’s calm and cuddly. The Asian woman is psychic. She knows she can figure out who took her pet cow but is smart enough to know that she may need the police to help her retrieve her pet in the end. The police try by asking the neighbors questions, with no leads. The Asian woman has visions and feelings, revealing more leads and the cops can’t figure it out. How does she know? She says “I just know” and they start feeling like she must have some uncanny ability or that she’s just making shit up, pulling them by a leash. The cops follow and watch her; where she goes and what she does, always astonished at how she finds leads. They start to realize she’s the real deal. She finds a warehouse where her pet cow is being kept and goes inside. She’s ready for any resistance, carrying several stun guns with her. There are 4 men in the warehouse who swear they don’t know what she is talking about. The pet cow hears the Asian woman’s voice and starts making loud noises. The Asian woman knows her cow-baby is there. She follows the sound and the men try to stop her. She zaps them all with the stun gun; 2 of them multiple times before they just stayed down. She sees her pet cow and picks him up like it was just a big dog. The cops are astonished as she walks out of the warehouse with her pet cow.

What the living hell does that mean?

Another dream I had recently was about someone who died and left me with lots of property. Clancy Brown (actor) wants to buy a large lot… I know nothing about the land and so I want to do some research. He calls several times wanting to buy. One of those times he called was to inform me that the sprinkler system is broken and it will cost $900 to fix. I googled the lot and found that there is no grass or trees on that land to water! Then the next time he says it will cost me $92,750 to fix that same sprinkler system. I realized he was just trying to get me to sell it to him cheap. I decide to go check out the land myself. When I get there, somehow I end up in a large body of dark water with a bunch of Grover muppet creatures swimming around me.

What the hell does that mean? Other than I’m stark-raving nuts…

Last night, I fell asleep with the tv on. In my sleeping state, I heard the Colonial Penn Insurance commercial at least 3 times. I was hearing strange messages about the insurance being beneficial to us and our families even if we’re not dead. It was insurance that just wasn’t right. It didn’t make any sense. As my brain started to wake up the spokesperson, Jonathan Lawson, said, “Hi. I’m Jonathan Lawson. The real Jonathan Lawson. Don’t buy that other insurance. It’s fake. This is the real Colonial Penn insurance.” From that point on, I heard the real commercial. I heard the price $9.95 per month regardless of age. The 3 P’s…Price, price, and price. I heard ‘real’ people say, “I’m 60. What’s my price?” or “I’m 72. What’s my price?” I woke up completely and tried to make sense of what I had heard all night long. Did it mean something or was my brain just being stupid?

Granted, it wasn’t a normal dream. I was asleep but hearing something that got scrambled in my brain. I think my brain is going insane. Plain and simple.

Am I the only one who has these weird and ridiculous dreams? I’d like to hear about your dreams if you’d like to share them. You can share in the comments or you can use the contact form here.

8 thoughts on “Dreams – Driving Me Crazy Night After Night

  1. You had a dream about Clancy Brown? The actor who played the guard in The Shawshank Redemption and the gang leader in Bad Boys (the one with Sean Penn not the stupid Martin Lawrence and Will Smith one)? Like, what the literal hell my friend? Clancy Brown? I mean I’ve always though he was handsome but he’s not someone I’d dream about like I dream about Chris Evans. The woman with her pet cow dream is a movie script in the making, did you take notes after you woke up? lol

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  2. I usually only remember bits and pieces of dreams. I often walk from one room though into another that is not really in the same location… like my kitchen to the auditorium for a concert. I know I should write them down as soon as I am awake, but by the time I am alert enough to think of that they are already half faded.

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