A Few Thoughts

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My faith in humanity has been restored…well, mostly. We have much work to do!

I’ve lost a lot of friends in the past 4 years. Not because of a difference of opinion, but because I was berated and ridiculed for mine, or told I was wrong, or that I just didn’t know something. I will not ever tolerate that shit again. I still have a few Republican friends who are mature enough to express their opinion without tearing down someone else’s. I don’t care about another person’s political affiliation. I care about their actions and their words. Trump has brought so much ugliness out of people and has done so much damage. Regardless of anything good his base thinks he’s done, he’s done more damage than anything else. It’s time for that to end and for us to try to heal this broken country’s heart.

I was sitting in front of the tv when the news broke of Biden’s win. Tears of joy, I tell you! I know that Joe Biden is not the answer to all of the problems in this country anymore than Trump was the answer, but I know that Biden has enough intelligence to listen to scientists and other experts in their fields in order to make decisions for our country. Will he make mistakes? Definitely. He’s human. Will he lie and spin the truth every single time he opens his mouth? No. He has more integrity than that and I have hope… For the first time in 4 years, I have hope for this country!

I’ve not written in so long it was difficult for me to write this post, but with some practice (and some healing) I will get back to my old self again! I hope you’re all doing well. Please be kind to one another! 

Peace & Love, 



11 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. I second that motion! Yes, Biden may not be everyone’s choice, but he has already said what Trump can’t, that he’ll try to be a president for everyone, even those that didn’t vote for him. That is true character my friend. Someone that only cheers on the lemmings that can’t think for themselves is an idiot and egotistical. Sounds like someone from history, his name was Hitler, do you remember him? He managed to smooth talk his way into a world war because people were taking in by his charismatic ways.

    Although Trump is far from charismatic, he still manages to convince the stupid, the lost, those who only find news on social media true, those who can’t possible be critical thinkers to follow him and his dangerous rhetoric. Dave Chappelle said it best on SNL, rejoice on the win, but do so humbly, be a humble winner. Now those are words of widsom!

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  2. I had one friend who tried to get nasty with a post I made in regards to wearing a mask. I just told him we were going to have a different opinion and that was ok because we were still friends. Never heard another nasty peep out of him except on his own page. And I chose not to pick a fight there. I do wonder about one friend who wont reply to my texts or emails anymore who liked Trump. I guess if she can’t handle a difference of opinion it is her loss.

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    • I’ve told several ‘friends’ that it stopped being about a difference of opinion a long time ago. It’s about so many other things!! I refuse to debate with Trump supporters anymore. You can never make them understand that the scientists happen to know more than they do, and more than Trump. It always makes me laugh when they say, “Do your research!” Do they seriously think that any research I do on my own is going to compare to what the experts know?!?! It’s just insane! I am so over this political shit-storm!

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