Fitbit, Go Home! You’re Drunk!

I’m a novice when it comes to many new-fangled gadgets like Amazon’s Echo but I’ve caught on pretty quick. Alexa has been very helpful to me. Another gadget that I’m not too familiar with is the Fitbit Fitness Tracker. It has my brain doing summersaults.

For example, I thought I had it set up correctly and one day it logged that I had gone swimming for 30 minutes. Um. What? I think I would know if I was swimming. I was NOT. So, I removed swimming and several other activities from the list of automatically detected actions. I can only do two of the listed activities, and not very well mind you; walking and my air walker, which is an elliptical of sorts. Now it’s not detecting either of those two things so if I’m doing one I have to manually clock it.

Yesterday morning, it counted 377 steps from the time I got out of bed, went to the kitchen for coffee, and back to my room to the computer. It’s only 36 steps round trip. Huh? I thought, maybe I had my stride set wrong so I refigured. Nope. Still the same. Measured and refigured again. Same.

I wear the Fitbit on my non-dominant hand. I understand it won’t count steps if my arm is not at my side. Sometimes I’m hanging onto something as I walk; my cane in my right hand and holding onto the counter or chair, etc., as I walk by with my left. I’ve been trying to keep my left arm at my side, but sometimes I’m just not that stable. I’ve counted the steps I take, arm at side, checked my Fitbit’s count and have had it be only one step off and other times, it can register 300 steps when I just walked to the kitchen. Trust me, my house is not that big.

I haven’t got it completely figured out yet but one good thing Fitbit does is to tell me about my sleep patterns. Boy, is my sleep WACK! I’m awake so many times during the night and sleep in such short spurts that I’m surprised I can even function! But I’m not even sure how accurate that data is because it doesn’t even register my naps. That’s when I sleep the best.

Fitbit, I WILL figure you out, you pesky little ticker. Then you will be putty in my hand!

8 thoughts on “Fitbit, Go Home! You’re Drunk!

  1. Hey my friend, well all I’m going to say is that it depends on the Fitbit model your using. I have a Fitbit Charge 2, and it counts my steps even if my hand isn’t by my side. It took me a while to figure it out too, especially since I began running. It would count my running steps twice, ugh. So I’d be like omg, I’ve walked like 18k steps, lol. Of course I began to research and I found some YouTube videos that helped me finally get it to where it tracks all my movement correctly.

    I also was surprised with my sleep patterns, but I do sleep way more than you do my friend. But sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep, I’ve only slept two or three hours a night, ugh 🙄. But look up some videos on how to program your Fitbit, it helped me.

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