A Rainy Day & A Wet Cat

It’s been raining a lot here lately. I can always feel it in my bones before it even starts, but once it does I ache so bad I can’t do much of anything. I end up staying in my recliner most of the day. Today I worked on a crochet project that has taken much of my time the last 2 months. I’ll show you photos later, as it’s a gift and I don’t want to risk it being seen by the recipient before the special occasion. I managed to finish said project, thankfully. I was really getting tired of working on it! It turned out beautifully if I do say so myself.

We’ve had a stray cat hanging out here for a few months. In fact, I think he must’ve been the guy Jack fought with just before Christmas. I can’t risk them tangling again because Jack cost me an awful lot of money after that with x-rays and two vet visits, just for the wounds from the fight. Jack wants to fight him so badly, though! The stray cat, Sammy is what I’ve been calling him, looks like Alice but he’s buffed up! He’s short and stocky, and has the thickest neck I’ve ever seen on a cat! Anyway, I’ve been feeding poor Sammy when he comes around, which is only once every couple of weeks. I think he makes his rounds. I always wonder how far he travels.

This morning, I looked outside to see Sammy back so I brought him out some food. The thing is, he likes to hang out on top of the catio. The catio doesn’t have a roof. It’s covered on top and around the sides with chicken wire. It’s needing some reinforcement because it’s beginning to sag. Sammy has been laying out there all day long and in the rain! He’s wet and he doesn’t seem to care…but I care. I feel so bad for him. Sammy is an intact male so I can’t let him in the house. He and Jack will tear each other up AND Sammy will mark his territory in my house, which means then Jack will do the same! Plus, I love my furbabies and I don’t want to traumatize them or put them in close contact with anything Sammy might have. I guess I’ll have to put a shelter out there for him so he has a dry place to sleep instead of laying in the rain, although I don’t know why he doesn’t go out in the old shed! It’s got to be drier than the top of the catio!


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17 thoughts on “A Rainy Day & A Wet Cat

  1. Aww poor Sammy 🥺. Maybe he just wants to stay close since he knows you always have food for him. I have such a soft spot for strays, I can’t bring them all home of course and because I already have my Charlie. And I know what you went through with Jack and his visits to the vet. I think Jack and Charlie went through their health scares around the same time. It gets expensive, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my spoiled fur baby, lol.

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    • It IS expensive and I have 4. A few years ago, In 2017 all my kitties got a respiratory virus and we were back and forth to the vet about 9 times in 3 weeks. I don’t want them to get something from Sammy and end up back to the vet multiple times again. That last time was when I lost my 18.5 year old Fuzzy. He was just too old to handle the virus. 😦 I would do it if I had to. Like you said, I would also do anything for my furbabies. ❤

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      • Aww RIP Fuzzy. It’s hard when they’re older, any little thing can turn deadly for them. I’m lucky all the neighbors cats are all tagged, microchipped and finally getting along. I haven’t seen any new cats around so for now I’m not too worried. Although Charlie and Keanu do hiss at each other sometimes, but then they get over it and just lay in the sun together, lol.

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    • Thanks! Jack and the pack are doing well. Jack is still fighting the asthma attacks but we are controlling it with the prednisolone. Sammy must have better shelter because it’s raining pretty hard this morning and he’s nowhere to be seen. I’ve been feeding the poor thing on the side of the house on the picnic table. He’s getting used to that being his feeding area. It’s easier to do that than for me to walk out to the shed. My ability to walk diminishes every stinkin’ day! I hope your furkids are doing well. ❤

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      • My knees have been playing up with me, too. If a lost 150 pounds, I’d be golden! If Sammy is eating at the picnic table, wouldn’t it make sense for him to take shelter under it? It would be better than being completely out in the rain. I suppose being up high where he can see any potential predators would make that less appealing.

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        • I’m sorry about your knees. I know how that is, unfortunately. Our picnic table is more the metal kind with holes. No shelter from the rain. When it pours down rain Sammy is elsewhere so I’m not quite sure he was sitting up on the catio while it was sprinkling. Dumb cat. Lol. I think he likes being up there because it’s close to “friends” so I feel sorry for him. He must be lonely. I know what you mean about weightloss — I lost 60 lbs now I’ve pretty much gained it back. It’s rough. I lost it on Nutrisystem so I could get my knee replacement surgery but then they said it’s not enough. I lost my motivation I guess. I could kick myself. I’m going to go back on NS though. I have to do something and it’s the only thing that has worked for me. 😦

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          • Hey, just give a holler if you want to have a compatriot in the diet/new life game. It’s so hard doing it alone. Sometimes, just knowing there is someone else out there to do it with makes it more motivational.

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          • Thanks so much! I’ve just ordered some a la carte foods from Nutrisystem. I was going to go back on their full menu but the price has gone up and now they’re adding a packaging fee, making it too expensive for me to do again. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, started fresh today with some low cal foods. Fingers crossed I can stick with it this time. Have you any particular weight loss plan in place? I’m here for you, too! You know my email! 😉

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          • I’ve been shopping around for weight loss apps. I tend to do pretty well when I keep track. My doc put me on meds that made me gain 50 pounds in six months. I’ve managed to take that back off doing the keeping track thing, but I have hit a plateau. Time to get serious again.

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          • I’ve been told that when you hit a plateau if you just mix it up a bit it can help you start losing again. Your body gets used to the same foods they say so surprise it with some new food. Lol. That’s what I’ve been told anyway. 😉 I hate keeping track. Nutrisystem has an app. Anyone can use it. It’s called Numi.

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