The Ex-Files – Cowardice

The last few months with my ex were a bit stressful but my baby sister was there. She and her son, a baby at the time, needed a place to stay. I don’t recall the situation that led to that need, but she moved in with us. CP didn’t have a problem with it. I figured I could help her and she could help me. It was nice having another adult to talk to. Heaven knows CP wasn’t adult enough to fill that need.

I had enjoyed those first few months of my nephew’s life. I was there when he was born and I felt very close to my sister and to him. When we moved, I hated leaving her behind. She was still living there and I thought CP would at least be polite and kind to her. She wouldn’t be in his way, after all. He would be working most of the day and would possibly not even see her at all. What was to happen still pisses me off to this day and proves exactly the coward that man was and probably still is.

Not too long after we left, my sister had been out for the day and when she got home she couldn’t get the front door open. The key turned, the door unlocked but something was causing it not to open. She pushed and the door budged just enough to find that all of her belongings were stacked in front of the door. Apparently, CP had come home, found her gone, and proceeded to pack all of her stuff and block the door with it.

Not only did he not have the balls to ask her to move out, he never once took into consideration the baby he would be making homeless! My sister had packed a diaper bag when she left the house that day but she had planned to be home that evening so there was no need to bring all of the diapers, all of the baby food, or blankets, or extra clothing, etc. She needed those things! How dare he block the door to prevent her from getting in! There she was, stuck with none of the things necessary to take care of a baby.

I knew CP was a jerk but I never realized how big a coward he was until that night. If he was too chicken to speak to her in person, he could have left her a note telling her that she needed to find another place to live. It would have been better than what he did! Thankfully, my sister was able to rely on the baby’s other grandmother, and she eventually retrieved her things from the house.

What gets me is, how the hell did he think she was going to move out if all of her belongings were preventing her from entering the house? Not only was CP a coward but he was a real dumbass, too!

4 thoughts on “The Ex-Files – Cowardice

  1. OH MY GOD!! Pinchi Puto CP!! That’s what a fucking asshole your ex is, in Spanish!! And your right, coward is what he is, I say is because that characteristic never goes away. No matter how they try and change!

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