Wet Noodle, Wild Cat

It’s been a rough day. Not for me, but for Alice and Jack. I took them in for their routine vaccinations and they were NOT happy. They were upset with me first thing because I wouldn’t give them have any dry food, as I normally do each morning. Every time I walked toward their food area, they dashed ahead of me, thinking I was finally going to give them food. Shame on me.

Alice fought like the devil when it was time to get into the carrier and Jack didn’t like the idea but he’s been back and forth to the vet so many times since the week before Christmas that I think he knew there was no point putting up a fight.

Once in the carrier, Alice cried, scratched, and stuck her little legs out between the bars of the door, reaching…reaching. I felt so bad. I knew she was going to be ok but can you imagine the stress and anxiety a cat must feel when they’re shoved in a ‘cage’ and put into a car for transport? They have no clue what’s going on or what’s going to happen. I often wonder if my surviving kitties remember how Fuzzy, Korn, and Smokie one by one went for a ride and never returned. The others had a view of the burial in the garden from the catio but did they understand? Are they afraid every time they go for a ride? I shudder at the thoughts that must go through their minds. (Of course, I shudder at my own thoughts half the time.)

Alice cried all the way to the vet, which was about 30 miles away. Jack never made a sound. He’s used to this. For the entire drive, I hoped neither one of them would throw up or relieve themselves in the carriers. I brought extra bedding just in case. Thankfully, not feeding them before we left worked as I had hoped. Neither one threw up and unbelievably they didn’t have any other accidents either!

Dr. Missy, our very caring and gentle veterinarian, looked over both Alice and Jack. Jack still has some rattly sounds in his lungs, which is why he’s still on his steroids. Alice passed her ‘once over’ with flying colors. Dr. Missy even complimented her on her shiny and luxurious coat! I brush them all every day so I’m glad it’s showing.

They got their vaccinations and before Dr. Missy left, I asked for advice on how to get an elder cat with a tendency to rip people to shreds into a carrier. Poor Kitty needs her vaccinations, too but thanks to our previous vet, it’s next to impossible to get her into a carrier. Dr. Missy gave me some good suggestions. She said a little gabapentin might help to relieve some stress and anxiety. I happen to be on gabapentin and she told me I could give about 100mg in food an hour or so before getting her into the carrier. I don’t know if it will work, but I can sure give it a shot. The other tip was to set the carrier on its end, grab the cat by the scruff of the neck and back her into the carrier, butt first and quickly. That’s when Dad popped off a funny! He said, “That’ll be like sticking a wet noodle up a wild cat’s ass.” I thought I was going to wet myself!

On the way home, Alice never made a peep. She waited until we pulled up in front of the house and then she started to cry. I don’t know how she knew but she knew. I never saw Jack or Alice for about 3 hours after we got home. They came out to eat their dinner and then Jack went back into hiding. Alice is on my bed, sleeping so hard right now. She’s snoring and even had a nightmare. Poor baby!


Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

I have two more cats needing vaccinations. Kitty and Honey. Honey weighs a whopping 20 lbs. now – she won’t be easy to carry! And Kitty? Well, we’ll see. Hopefully, I can get her in the carrier. You know…. wet noodle, wild cat.

13 thoughts on “Wet Noodle, Wild Cat

  1. Cats are smart, they know. The minute Charlie sees that brown cat carrier he bolts, and I mean bolts into hiding places I never knew existed in my house. Since he’s an indoor/outdoor cat if he’s outside I won’t see him for hours, lol. Our vet is awesome too, she’s so good with him. And for the most part he’s at ease with her, until he sees that thermometer! Because he knows exactly where that thing is going, 🤣.
    Like now he’s just staring me intently, he knows I’m takin about him, I swear he can roll his eyes at me.

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  2. I remember my cats as soon the saw the carriers transformed themself in lions and fought until last breath to not get in there and then cried all the drive.Dogs are easier , always happy to get in the car untill they see the vet door……😱

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  3. I love your Dad’s quips. You’ve reminded me that I need to get everyone to the vet for their spring checkup. Three cats and a Great Dane. That’s going to be one interesting appointment…and an even more interesting ride there!

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    • I can’t take 4 carriers in my small Ford Focus or I’d take my 4 all at once. But then again I can spread the cost out a little if I do 1 or 2 at a time. Next month, Honey and maybe Kitty will have their turn. Good luck with your trip to the vet!


    • Yeah, he’s nuts. Lol. I currently have 4 cats and a stray that comes around about every 2 weeks. All black and buffed, intact male. Belongs to someone because he is friendly. Can’t let him around the others though, especially Jack. I think he’s the one Jack fought with in December. Ripped Jack a new one. 😦 Anyway, can’t have anymore cats but I feed “Sammy” when he makes his rounds. 😉


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