Strange Encounters of The Furry Kind


Last night, I was drinking a cup of this tea I found at the health food store, and I was lounging in the recliner. Jack jumped up on my lap and made his way to my chest, where he purred and rubbed his face on my face. I didn’t think much of it because Jack is lovable like that sometimes. But then Alice jumped up and was standing on my chest with her front feet, sniffing my breath and making a weird chirping sound. Then, Smokie (the blind one) jumps up and starts doing the same. I was thinking, “what the heck has gotten into you guys?”

Well, here are the ingredients of the tea: passion flower, chamomile, linden flower, CATNIP, hop strobile, spearmint, lemon verbena, lemon peel, and West Indian lemongrass.

That explains it. Big lol’s!


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