15 Things You Can Learn From A Cat

Now, don’t poke fun at me for being a “Crazy Cat Lady,” not just yet anyway! I’ve spent some time sitting with my furry darlings, and I’ve come to realize they really know how to live!



                                                 Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


Pay attention. There will be a test at the end.

  1. Cats are always curious. They explore. They learn. Shouldn’t we always try to do the same?
  2. Cats sleep most of the day. We shouldn’t and most of us can’t sleep all day but it IS important to get enough sleep!
  3. Cats usually know a cat person when they meet one. If my cats don’t like someone, generally I don’t like them either. They choose their friends wisely and so do I.
  4. Cats are clean animals. They bathe several times a day. Good hygiene is key for us too!
  5. Cats love fish. We should eat more fish. Those omega 3’s and all…
  6. Cats are always aware of what’s going on around them. We should pay more attention to our surroundings instead of having our noses in our phones.
  7. Cats love to spend time with their human family. Shouldn’t we also spend time with our family?
  8. Cats will take your left arm off with one swipe of a paw if you don’t respect their limits. We should also demand respect from others. Set boundaries.
  9. Cats are independent. They do not need us to survive. We need to be independent so we can survive without the help of others.
  10. Cats like to chase that red dot! They will never catch it, but do they give up? No! They keep trying. We should keep trying to reach our goals, no matter what!
  11. Cats are forgiving. If you step on their tail they may be mad or run in fear, but 10 minutes later they will forgive you and love you still. We should always try to be forgiving. It’s good for the soul.
  12. Cats are playful. Never get into a ‘stick-in-the-mud rut’ and forget to have fun! It will keep you young.
  13. Cats stretch after a good nap. They may run around the house at 3am for no apparent reason! We need to stretch and exercise, too! It’ll keep us healthy!
  14. Cats love to lay in the sun. We need sunshine, too! It feels good and provides us with vitamin D.
  15. Cats live in the moment. They love and play, but most importantly they know how to CHILL! I know a lot of people who need to chill. Don’t you?


The test has been canceled because I know you were paying attention. Your assignment is to find what you can learn from your pets! Thanks for reading, friends!


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